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The clean-cut monochrome décor; the rainbow reflections on the sparking wine glasses; the glowing white tablecloths. It may seem like a French or Italian fine-dining restaurant at first glance, but this is actually a Japanese restaurant.

Just 20 minutes away by tram from the CBD, {EIS} Japanese Restaurant located in the laid-back suburb of Albert Park. {EIS} is the phonetic alphabet of the word “ACE”. There are a lot of restaurants and companies using phonetic alphabets as their name in Europe. How wonderful it will be to have one in Australia too… and this is how the story begins.

The management and staff are hoping that the restaurant will be recognised and well-known even the word “EIS” in the brackets is omitted and to be the “ACE” literally.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, {EIS} opened in 2001 and refurnished in 2008. The once typical Japanese restaurant relaunched with a new interior, which is getting more and more popular with the locals.

Though the interior has been renewed, the policy of providing top quality services and food to customers has been all the same from the very first day.  This is a cosy restaurant that provides simple but surprisingly high quality food; which also explains why all regulars are more than satisfied. There must be something intriguing about {EIS} that makes them return for more.


Sashimi entree $16.00

Fresh and best. The original flavours of fish pamper your palate.


Bento box – Traditional (chicken katsu / sashimi / gyoza / green / rice / miso) $17.00

Simple food with complex, deep flavours. Deep fried chicken piece is crispy yet juicy; thick-cut sashimi with a round, rich flavour; dumpling is savoury but light; greens with the true sweetness of vegetables; together with the Japanese stable rice and miso soup, this is certainly a healthy and delicious  meal that includes different sorts of side dishes in one amazing box.


Grilled half cut eggplant with miso paste and spring onion $12.00

The nostalgic taste of Japanese home cooking that reminds of one’s mother. The magical combination of the full-flavoured miso and spring onion accented the simple, humble grilled eggplant.



“It is never pointless even the best is not achieved in whatever you do. But if we are satisfied and settled for seconds, we will just flow along with genericness and never get to the top.” said Mr. Aoki, the owner of {EIS} who aims and does his best all the time.

The initiative of being a restaurant loved by the locals from day one. The refined airy ambience resembles ROCKPOOL. The simple yet delicious food. These concepts will continue to preserve. Please visit {EIS} and experience the wonders that mesmerised the crowd.

+Tuna and Seaweed Salad South American Style recipe from owner chef Mr Aoki here

{EIS}Japanese Restaurant
URL: http://www.eisjapaneserestaurant.com/
188 Bridport Street, Albert Park VIC 3206
TEL/ Fax: (03) 9645 7448
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-2:30pm (lunch) Mon-Sat 6pm-late (dinner)

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