Gunma Ski Tour

Have you heard of the Japanese ski resorts in Gunma?

Many know of Japan’s ski resort ‘powder snow’.

But few know how to find it near Tokyo – in Gunma prefecture, only two hours away.


Gunma (prefecture), located north of Tokyo is an area surrounded by beautiful mountains and is the birthplace of four previous prime ministers.
Gunma’s commerical and cultural industry have been successful for many years; world heritage listed Tomioka silk mill built almost 150 years ago is a leading factory for the national market, with its modern facilities and successful employee welfare system. Gunma prefecture is also abundant with beautiful nature and healing hot springs.



There are several ski resorts in Katashina village, with slopes suited for everyone from families to professionals. White world Ozeiwakura is one of these, and boasts a total of 16 courses blended with the natural landscape for all skiiers regardless of their level or experience.
There are also two hotels within these slopes, where skiiers can spend time after sliding on the snow soaking in warm hot spring baths.


Gunma prefecture is also proud of its ‘onsen’ – hot springs. There are over 200 within Gunma, many located near the ski resorts.

Of these, Kusatsu onsen is the most famous as being ranked no.1 within Japan for sixteen consecutive years, and being within walking distance from a ski resort. Thus, it is the best option for those wanting to enjoy both ‘onsen’ and skiing’. Yubatake, located in the heart of Kusatsu springs, is a body of water that flows like a waterfall and radiates warmth. As well as hot springs and ski slopes, there are many dining options and walking trails, which you can visit while wearing a rental yukata(casual kimono).


You can also read an article about Oze Iwakura,  one of the lesser known but best hidden powder gems located in Gunma, from the link below

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