Pro Wrestlers Slam Down in Melbourne!

Fans of the professional wrestling scene, if you’re not already aware of the upcoming battle at Festival Hall, then you might need to wrestle the other fans itching to get their hands on tickets to the show! The global interest and demand for events like these came from New Japan Pro Wrestling’s recent event, Wrestle Kingdom 12, held at Tokyo Dome. The fans demanded, and New Japan Pro Wrestling have delivered, bringing a group of legendary wrestlers on their first ever Australia tour.


We were lucky to have the chance to speak with Yuji Nagata, an extraordinary wrestler who has an extensive and gleaming record in the wrestling world.

Yuji Nagata

When we spoke with Nagata, he was awaiting his departure to Australia in Okinawa, feeling good about his physical condition and excited for the upcoming event. It will be his first time in Australia, and he wants fans to know that the New Japan Pro Wrestling they have a very dynamic and expressive style of fighting that he hopes everyone will look forward to and enjoy.

He also expressed his excitement to meet Australian fans for the first time. Recently, he managed to win in the Asian Tag Team Competition with his soulmate Jun Akiyama from All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Motivations for the year, he wants to try his hand again at the IWGP belt, and wants to be the first 50-year-old to get his hands on it due to his passion for training and love for the sport.

His favourite word in Japanese is 徒手空拳 “toshukuuken” which is described as a will to challenge oneself and using only your bare hands or by your own means.

We also got the chance to speak to IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, who took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about the upcoming tour.

Kazuchika Okada

Okada has not only been to Melbourne before, but fought in a match here during November last year. He mentioned that the audience was really pumped up for the match, so he is fondly looking forward to this Australia tour.

“New Japan Pro Wrestling is the number one wrestling company in the world, so come watch the world’s best fight!”

Okada feels that he has to be the IWGP heavyweight champion, and hopefully the world’s best champion in the best team in the world.

To the Australian fans, Okada wants to say that he is looking forward to seeing all of you in the audience at the fights. In the middle of our everyday lives where we can’t always express ourselves, he wants everyone to show their passion and let their emotions run wild through professional wrestling and while watching the Australian tour. He wants the audience to put themselves in the wrestlers shoes and like them, no matter what hits they take or techniques they endure, get back up every time.

Lead by Kenny Omega “The Cleaner”, and joined by The New Japan Fallout Down Under starts on the 16th of February in Adelaide, before visiting Melbourne tonight, Sydney on the 18th and then Perth on the 19th. Fans and purists alike won’t want to miss this opportunity to see the company up close!

Purchase tickets via Ticketmaster and for more information, visit the New Japan Pro Wrestling website or Facebook page.


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