Coffee and Cake With Pierrick Boyer


We stopped by on the fourth day after Pierrick Boyer Café Patisserie had opened. This gorgeous café was a sight to behold. Spacious and clever in its design, the layout of the café has the perfect setup and atmosphere for friends, families or couples to chat and enjoy delicious French pastries and cakes over tea or coffee.

Speaking of the atmosphere, while there was light music to set the casual and friendly mood, there was definitely no need for shouting over the music here. We felt very comfortable and at home in the brightly lit, stylish café. The walls were lined with various small plants, giving the space a natural, fresh feeling, too.

We sat down with Pierrick Boyer, amidst his busy schedule to talk with him about the newly opened café in the middle of Prahran.


Boyer is originally from France and mastered his technique in both Paris and Boston, but he has visited Japan over five times. As a citrus ambassador, he went to Kochi Prefecture, where yuzu is a famous produce. On one occasion, he worked with the Iron Chefs and in 2013 made a green tea based dessert with ITO-EN matcha at Disneyland Resort. Japan seems to be an inspiration in his cuisine as he hopes to incorporate Japanese elements into his menu in future.

Looking to the future, he hopes to hold workshops with Japanese elements, using various equipment or ingredients to make beautiful delicious desserts as well.


Boyer handpicked two desserts for us to try, which were as delicious as they were beautiful. The lemon tart had a delicate balance of sweet and sour, the little meringue on top was not too sweet either, so not to tip the balance, it complimented the tart nicely. We also got to try the Choux Caramel Beurre Sale. A delicious treat, the combination of a sweet and creamy filling and soft, supple exterior was mouth-watering. I was also pleasantly surprised by the slight crunchy texture that was incorporated into the dessert. All in all, it was a tasty combination that would have matched beautifully with a cup of black tea.


Overall Pierrick Boyer’s new café patisserie is a gorgeous social space where you can enjoy anything from cakes and pastries to a savoury brunch with friends and loved ones. Boyer is adding new items to the menu every other day, and I know I’ll be back to try more. I would highly recommend this place to pastry and brunch-lovers alike!

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