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This story is about Miss Sakura – who was married recently – and her salon trip. (Congratulations by the way!)


The Wedding day is the most important day for a girl, it’s once in a lifetime. And it’s the day when everything has to be absolutely perfect. In order to be a perfect bride, Sakura visited Stairs, a popular hair salon located close to South Yarra Station.


First of all Consulting.
According to Sakura she has always had trouble with unruly hair and she wishes she could reduce the volume.  In addition it would be great if her new hair style could make her face look smaller. Well, we all have our own problems with hair and probably Sakura’s problem may sound familiar to some of us.

The staff at Stairs are all veteran Japanese stylists. They have mastered all the popular hair styles, so you can place your order with no worries at all.

Today Sakura’s order is the Digital Perm. The first step is to divide the hair into different areas.

And then, gently brush the first layer of perm liquid into the hair.

At most local hair salons, the hair products are more suitable to Western hair. That’s why it is often hard for Japanese hair to be made into the desired style. But of course at Stairs, they have products sourced directly from Japan and they use Japanese techniques to style, which is very comforting.


Wrap the hair and use the heater to accelerate the reaction of the perm liquid.


In the hands of a professional, the complicated curling process was completed within a flash! Before Miss Sakura realized, her hair was already curled up with rods.

Digital Perm is the perm that can remember shape. And it is also possible to adjust the time and temperature of the perm according to the damage degree and conditions of hair. This is one of the advantages of Digital Perming.

After, the stylist connects the heating machine to rods. Sakura’s outline looks huge. And here’s a hint for all you guys: go to the toilet once before they connect everything, otherwise you have to wait for a really long time.

The heating time and temperature vary with the maker of the heating machine and the setting of the salons.

The curls are natural and bouncy looking  nothing like ordinary perms.

And this is when the 2nd layer of perm solution is put through. This is put onto dry hair which keeps the curls regular. This is another feature of Digital Perms.

For those who are not sure how to dry their hair after a perm, you just need to use the tips of your fingers and twist the hair round and round. This way, you can have natural and beautiful curls. It’s really simple, and can make the curls last longer.  It may also be a great idea to ask the stylists for hints to style your hair by yourself.


Blow drying by twisting with the hand, the curls develop into a beautiful shape. It’s getting closer to the finish.

Today, Sakura’s stylist is Sayuri.

“I gave Sakura a nice and natural curl since this is her first perm,” said Sayuri. And just like she said, the curls are so natural that you could hardly tell it’s a perm.

And where is the picture of this beautiful style of natural curls?


We will publish the photos of Before / After in the Yamato Nadeshiko column coming soon!!

Please look out for it.



Stairs Hair Salon

Address: 1st Floor, 180 Toorak Road, South Yarra VIC 3141
TEL: 03 9827 8033
Opening Hours: Sun-Wed 10am-6pm, Thu-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat 9am-6pm
Email: [email protected]


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