【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Easy Cooking with Japanese Curry!

Our Japanese Instant Pouch Curry is wholesale size 3kg. To those who may feel quite useless, we would like to suggest to you how to use such a large quantity of curry.


+ Summer Veg Curry

Pour curry onto steamed rice; top with fried summer veg whatever you like.


+ Breaded Pork Cutlet and Hamburg Steak Curry

Used as curry sauce too. Nice not only to pour on rice but serve with salad.


+ Curry Ramen Noodle

Just dissolve in ramen noodle soup!


+ Curry Udon Noodle

Dissolve in dashi soup stock! Easy!!


+ Keema Curry

Making Indian keema curry is so easy.


Tips to use is that it can be used as sauce and to mix with soup stock. So our further suggestions are:


• Pasta Sauce
• Pizza Sauce
• Fried Rice
• Gyoza Dumplings Sauce / mix to make filling
• Dip Sauce
• Omelette Sauce
• Hamburger Sauce
• Curry Bread filling


How easy cooking! Now you can enjoy our Japanese Instant Pouch Curry.



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