Event Report – A taste of Kyoto


On August 3rd, promotional event ‘A Taste of Kyoto’ was held at Prahran Market.

Regional coorindator from the Kyoto Prefectural Tourism Promotion Administration Office, Mr. Tarou Yamamoto, spoke about the area’s highlights.
After asking who had visited Kyoto previously, the majority of attendees raised their hand.

As such, ‘Kyoto’ seems to be well-known in Australia, but the tourism office are aware of this popularity.


Their marketing focus is not the metropolitian, but regional areas of Kyoto; Kyoto by the Sea, Kyoto in the Forests, Kyoto Infused with Tea and Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove. After his presentation, Mr. Yamamoto answered many related questions about transport and accomodation options in these locations.


Chef Arakane Ikuei from Japanese bar ‘Wasshoi’ inside Prahran Market prepared canapes served throughout the event presentations.



Following the Kyoto presentation was an explanation of the food and drink options provided: oyster miso hot pot, Kyoto-style onigiri, wagyu beef sushi, Matcha-tea tiramisu and latte. Kikyoya brand soy sauce from Tamba, Kyoto was used for the wagyu sushi sauce.




Guests also had a chance to try the new low-alcohol carbonated Yosamusume sake, specifically designed for the Australian market. Made with edible rice, this sake tastes similar to wine. In addition there were glasses of red and white ‘Sumeragi star’ wine produced in Tamba, Kyoto, a popular brand of umeshu (plum wine) ‘Umekoeda’ from Joyo Shuzo brewery, and ‘Seven Tango Princesses’ – seven varieties of craft beer from Tango Kingdom brewery, a Kyoto city symbol.


Fukujuen (est. 1790) ‘Tea from Kyoto’ Uji matcha leaves were used for the lattes.
Instructor Kouki Ishizawa from Nobu’s barista school prepared beautiful milk patterns.



The same leaves were used for a more traditional style of tea, served by Urasenke staff.


Melbourne based Kimono stylist Sala Okabe’s “Kimono corner” was another popular part of the event. Everyone who tried on a kimono asked for a photo.



The turnout exceeded expectations; 250 prepared matcha lattes and canapes were finished around three PM by over 500 people who attended the event.


To all Kyoto lovers – on your next trip, please try experiencing outside the city: Kyoto by the Sea, in the Forests, Infused with Tea and Otokuni Bamboo Grove.

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