Kagoshima Prefecture Sightseeing


Kagoshima Prefecture is rich in foodstuffs, and has the second highest agricultural production in the whole of Japan. With the wagyu (Japanese beef which quality is being rated the top in Japan), kurobuta (Berkshire pork), tea, and fish varieties such as yellowtail and amberjack, Kagoshima is truly a treasure house of food. Kagoshima also has more than 2000 types of “shochu” craft spirits, and it will definitely satisfy you.

As the region with the second most hot springs in Japan, Kagoshima can also relieve the fatigue from the body of its visitors.

Besides that, Kagoshima has many islands, including the World Natural Heritage Yakushima Island, as well as Amami Oshima Island, which will apply for World Heritage status next year. The varied natural expanse of 600km from north to south warmly welcomes everyone.

A flight from Tokyo is 1h 50m, and a shinkansen (bullet train) from Fukuoka is 1h 20m.

How about making your way to Kagoshima?

【Kagoshima Prefecture Sightseeing】


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