Japan Roadshow & Snow Travel Expo 2018


We visited both the JNTO’s Japan Roadshow and the Snow Travel Expo last week and enjoyed talking with the booth holders that came to promote their region’s snow adventures and attractions. So, for those who missed out this time, we’d like to introduce them here!


There were a number of presentations held, one of which was by the winner of Masterchef 2017, Diana Chan.

The presentations were then followed by free flow business sessions in a separate room. A number of these guests also attended the Snow Travel Expo on the Sunday!

The business session was followed by a raffle draw, with the winner receiving flights to Japan!

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Nozawa Onsen


Nozawa Onsen has that traditional Japan-feel to it. The village has a public onsen and it easy and convenient to reach via public transport. They have 13 public onsens in the village. They run a night market almost every night, where you can enjoy street cuisine and other market stall. The food is beautiful! This is also the place well known for the snow monkey park! They are very confident in their snowfall, so it’s a great spot for your next ski or snowboarding trip!



Hakuba Alps Hotel


Located in Otari Village, Nagano Prefecture, the Hakuba Alps Hotel accommodates up to 400 guests at any given time, with a variety of rooms to cater to visitor’s preferences. Within the hotel, you can enjoy karaoke, arcade games, spa treatments, onsen and shopping! The hotel also owns the ski fields ‘Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski Resort’ and you can enjoy ski-in and ski-out directly! The ski fields are not too difficult either, so it’s a great area for families and those who want to get back in touch with snow sports.


Shiga Kogen


This is a beautiful ski area located in the heart of Joshinetsu National Park and boasts high-quality, dry snow. It has previously hosted the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, and has a variety of hotels that are close to slopes.



Madarao Mountain Resort/Iiyama City Nagano


Easily accessible via Japan’s convenient bullet train system, Madarao is well known for powder snow! They also have tree ski courses, family friendly activities, indoor and outdoor hot springs. Madarao Kogen is great if you want to walk around the town and eat as it is close by. They also have facilities for ski school. Even if you can’t speak Japanese, their friendly staff are happy to help you out in English, too!



Hakuba Valley


Hakuba is known for its exquisite powder snow where it truly turns into a winter wonderland during the cold seasons in Japan. It’s a popular and premier destination for your next snow adventure!



Matsumoto City


Matsumoto City in Nagano offers so much, anywhere from samurai culture, wasabi farming, soba, cycling for sport and sightseeing and other events. They have been making connections with their sister city in Victoria, for choir exchange, violin summer school and blueberry picking.


Alpico Kotsu Co. Ltd.


Alpico group manages a variety of hotels and transport in Nagano Prefecture, so if you’re planning a holiday to Nagano soon, then look no further! They are continuing to expand their services to cater to the increase in tourism over the following years! They also offer a number of Hakuba-bound bus routes from Tokyo, Shinjuku, Osaka, Kyoto and Matsumoto.



Myoko Tourism


Myoko is an area that brings in some 19 metres of snow annually and offers a range of difficulties in their slopes. It’s located less than an hour north of Nagano City and you can enjoy high quality powder snow there. As an authentic Japanese ski town, it preserves its traditions and warm hospitality.



Kiso Ontake Tourism Office


A mountainous valley located in Nagano is known for its beautiful scenery, hot springs, hiking trails and picturesque towns.




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Sapporo has a great mixture of natural and city sights and attractions, with shopping hubs, great nightlife, electronics and anime goods galore as well as beautiful parks such as Maruyama, Odori and Nakajima Parks, mountain scapes such as Mt. Moiwa and the main shrine just a stone’s throw away from the city, Hokkaido Shrine. The food culture is varied and tastes as gorgeous as it looks, try delicacies such as soup curry, seafood bowls, sushi, jingiskan and more!


Niseko Promotion Board


The Niseko Promotion Board represents over 300 businesses inside and outside of Niseko and focuses on businesses related to ski resorts, accommodation, restaurants, activities, transport and more. If you’re planning a family trip to Niseko, they will be able to assist you!



Kamui Ski Links/Taisetsu Kamuintara DMO


Hokkaido’s second largest city, Asahikawa is home to a skier/snowboarders’ paradise. It’s a beautiful place to visit if you want to explore a variety of different mountains. Ski resorts in the area are blessed with high-quality snow.



Westin Rusutsu Resort


This is a ski area where the slopes are all managed by the same group, so you can ski in various places! It’s great if you’re all about skiing or snowboarding! You can also stay at the Westin, which means you’ll be close to the slopes for your whole ski adventure! They have also brought in the ski-heli, which you can not only use to ski down from the top of the mountain but you can ride it to and from the airport as well! The resort also features a golf course and an amusement park.



Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU


This is a family friendly ski destination in Japan! The Ice Village and indoor wave pool are recommended as the resort’s post-ski or snowboarding activities. In December 2018 they look forward to opening Japan’s first ski-in/out (ski-thru) shopping facility in the resort!






Hakkoda is widely known as a backcountry, powder ski and snowboard mecca! If you’re after a challenge then Hakkoda is just what you’re after. It is also known for its strong culture, traditions and beautiful, natural scenery.



Zao Onsen Tourism Association YAMAGATA


The Yamagata ski area is one of the bigger ski areas in Japan and likely well away from tourists, so if you really want to get away from the crowds, Yamagata is the place for you! On top of that if you visit anywhere from late January until March, you can see Zao Onsen’s famous ‘ice monsters’ which can get upto three metres tall. It’s an area famous for its beef, too! It’s not just an area for ski and snowboard lovers alike, and there are plenty of activities for the whole family!



Aizu Ski Japan


Aizu Ski Japan is known for great ski holidays in Japan and its wonderful powder snow!



Hoshino Resorts Aizu Area


Alts Bandai Ski Resort and Nekoma Ski Resort are the two main ski resorts in the area. Alts Bandai boasts 29 ski and snowboarding courses and new terrain parks. At Nekoma, they have a variety of unique courses and you can enjoy their “microfine snow”.




Ishikawa Prefecture (Kanazawa)


Ishikawa Prefecture is great place to visit before or after you’ve enjoyed your snow activities to the fullest, as you can truly explore the essence of traditional Japan. It’s easily accessible from Tokyo or Nagano and is a wonderful spot to experience Japan’s cultures and traditions.





Tourism Shizuoka Japan


This is a destination marketing organisation that focuses on promoting Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka is located in the middle of Tokyo and Osaka and easily accessible from both cities. . It’s is a prefecture rich with nature, hot spring resorts and so much more.






Ayabex is based in Ayabe City, Kyoto. It’s a beautiful countryside area that is great for those who want to explore the area on bicycles. They also offer walking tours, the experience to get to know retired race horses, and farming experiences too. The local government is also working hard to promote Kyoto. They also offer themed tours and experiences, honeymoon and family activities and the opportunities to get out to nature such as Kyotango geopark.


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JR West Hotels


This year, JR West Hotels is welcoming a new hotel to its family on June 6th, the Vischio Osaka! It’s a complete non-smoking hotel located near JR Osaka station, with a huge number of perks such as the free rental smart phone “Handy” that you can use to make international phone calls or even research your travel plans for the next day.


Kumanokodo & Koyasan (Wakayama)


Wakayama was named one of Lonely Planet’s most up-and-coming regions in Japan. Koyasan and Kumano have also been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Wakayama has an abundance of natural sights and beautiful scenery and is a great place to experience the spiritual heart of Japan.



Universal Studios Japan


Located in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan is a great attraction to visit if you love rollercoasters and other rides. It’s a colourful and fun getaway that’s great for families, couples and friends!



Umemori Sushi School


You might have had sushi here in Melbourne, but you haven’t really had sushi until you’ve made it yourself in Japan! This experience-based activity is great for all ages.


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Kyoto Kimono Rental Yukata YUMEYAKATA


It was Yumeyakata’s first time in Melbourne, but they were a very popular booth! They offer kimono and yukata rental and hair and makeup packages too. If you’re wanting to get photographs of you and your travel friends in kimono or yukata, this is perfect for you!



Ramen Factory Kyoto


If you’re ever visiting Kyoto, don’t forget to stop by Ramen factory! You not only get to try making your own ramen noodle, but eat them too! It’s a great experience for all ages!





Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau


Yokohama is a popular area amongst young Japanese people, but did you know how much they have to offer if you’re visiting Tokyo? It’s only a short train ride away from central Tokyo and is well known for its beautiful night views. Minatomachi is also a beautiful scenic area. If you have an interest in craft beer, this is the destination for you. They have a number of craft beer breweries within close distance of each other. Yokohama is an area that takes a heavy interest in foreign things so, they are often importing cool items and very welcoming to tourists!


If you’re visiting Yokohama and still want to get away to nature, Sankeien is a beautiful and relaxing garden to visit!


Hyatt Regency Tokyo


Located in Shinjuku, the Hyatt Regency Tokyo, it is the ideal location for business or shopping trips! The hotel offers a range of event spaces and restaurants with a selection of eastern and western cuisines. The rooms blend comfort and function effortlessly.



Tokyo Skytree/Tobu Railway Group


Tokyo Skytree is a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo, a tower that sits at a grand 634 metres tall! Tobu Railway is the biggest private railway company in the greater Tokyo area. Two of the biggest  is a group that falls under the umbrella of Tobu Top Tours and


Hotel New Otani Tokyo


This hotel is an urban hotel in a quiet area, surrounded by a Japanese garden that dates back to the 16th century. They have a range of facilities and rooms to cater to different visitors.




Heartland Japan


Walking tours are a relatively new concept in Japan, but this company organises walking tours for people who want to get out into the countryside. There are tours in Aomori Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, and they even have a walking tour that runs from Hokkaido to Okinawa. You get to meet locals, make everlasting memories and strong friendships. If you’re after the authentic Japan experience, this is it. They’re actively working to preserve old traditions such as Kaguraka performances and small local arts and crafts. Get off the beaten path with Heartland Japan.




JapanTravel.com is a full-service travel agency that offers customised travel options your next Japan holiday. They specialise in group and luxury travel, corporate and special requests.



InsideJapan Tours


Japan travel specialists, InsideJapan Tours, offer unique group tours, tailored travel and cultural experiences. They hold a branch in Australia, too! They are passionate about providing visitors to Japan with an experience they won’t forget.



Daiwa Resort Co., Ltd


Daiwa Resort focuses on mainly country resort hotels, and really the only hotels they have in city areas are in Kyoto. Their staff speak 9 different languages, and it’s recommended if you’re after an easy breezy holiday where you don’t have to stress about anything! They also feature the “Haandy” smartphones in the rooms. While they usually focus on ski resorts, they hope to open up a few more hotels leading up to the Olympics. If you’re looking to get out of the cities, a coastal drive around Wakayama or heading over to see the sand dunes in Tottori.



Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd


Nippon Travel Agency puts customer satisfaction first and uses their strong network and high quality products to ensure travellers have everything they need on their journey.


Washington Hotel & Hotel Gracery


Washington Hotel and Hotel Gracery’s hotels span from Northern Hokkaido all the way to southern Okinawa. You might be familiar with the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku with Godzilla popping out of it!



Cool Japan Tours & Airport Transfer Sapporo


These guys offer tours that are not only package tours, but give you the option to alter packages have a say in where you want to go and what you want to do on your Japan holiday!


Tobu Hotel Group


Tobu Hotel Group manages seven hotels including the Tokyo Skytree hotel in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Tochigi boasting warm hospitality and an air of sophistication in their rooms and services.


Tobu Top Tours


Tobu Top Tours caters to business, educational, sporting and other trips to Japan. They are committed to raising the bar of the quality of Japan travel package so that they can thoroughly enjoy Japan’s rich culture, history, cuisine and traditions.


Hankyu Travel DMC Japan


Hankyu Travel is one of Japan’s leading travel agents and boasts an amazing 70 years of experience. They mostly focus on school trips, leisure trips, corporate trips and more!

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