Report from Sweets Festival

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The Sweets Festival was held on Sunday 18th March, in the Immigration Museum.

The aim of this event was to "celebrate our shared sweet tooth at this delectable one-day festival of food and culture. Enjoy a feast of toothsome food stalls, performances and demonstrations".


In the limited space, stores were closely arranged one next to another. It felt like in just one second, people lined up in front of all the stands.

Guess what, Japan-related sweets stores were also presented in the Festival. All of a sudden, it felt like another Japan cultural festival.


Miss Kageyama Ai from mame JP sweets with her Okashi — Japanese traditional desserts.


Japanese Café triceangle also put forward a store.


And here we have this gentleman who's pouring cherry juice in a Turkey style.


In the venue, there were also stages for performances given by different Melbourne communities.



Japanese community played Japanese Koto and mochi pounding. Urasenkei also gave a tea ceremony demonstration. All these events were well received among the audiences.


This Sweets Festival is so much more than just an opportunity to try different sweets, but also an opportunity for different communities within Melbourne to communicate and interact. Even though the Sweets Festival is only a one-day event, the exhibition Sweets: tastes and traditions from many cultures is still on show (finishes on 15th May). Make sure you don't miss it.


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