Sakemate’s Sake Night Success!


We attended Sakemate’s Japanese sake events that were held on the 26th of June at KOIKOI Izakaya in Northcote and on the 27th of June at the Oshokuji Dokoro FUJITEI in St Kilda. About 50 customers participated in them over both nights!


Two sake breweries came from Japan, Kunimare brewery from Hokkaido and Funasaka brewery from Gifu. Five different types of sakes were prepared for both nights and attendees were able to experience each of the different flavours, scents and the richness of rice. Each producer introduced their own sake to the eager attendees.


Of course, for this event sake was the star, but it also featured scrumptious Japanese dishes which were paired with each sake. For instance, Kunimare’s Junmai ‘Ginpu’, made in Hokkaido is characterized by its dry taste with a rich flavour and refreshing aftertaste, so it tends to match with strong tasting dishes known as nimono in Japanese, or cheese dishes.


Funasaka’s Daiginjo ‘Yotsuboshi’ made in Gifu Prefecture is characterized by the delicate scent of rice and a fruity taste, so has a tendency to match well with fresh fish dishes or can be easily enjoyed on its own. As it has quite a sweet and fruity taste, it was more popular with women than men.


All the attendees seemed very interested in and excited to try different types of Japanese sake. Everyone had the chance to enjoy having conversations with each of the brewery owners and listened intently to their stories. Japanese participants felt nostalgic and were reminded of how delicious sake is, and the locals were impressed with the taste of such high quality sake that is hard to obtain in Australia. According to one of the ladies who attended, she said that it was a really wonderful opportunity for her to be able to speak with the brewery owners and learn more about sake. She recognised how much love and care goes into making sake just by chatting with them.


One of the men who we spoke to on the night mentioned that he thinks that Japanese sake would be very popular among Australians, but due to the fact that most of them do not know much about sake so many people are not inclined to try. Hopefully in future, wonderful events like these will provide more locals with the opportunity to get to know sake even more!


Even though the attendees and brewery owners speak different languages, they can deepen their knowledge of each other’s culture and alcohol through events just like these ones. This could lead to them becoming true Sakemates, which are Australia and Japan might be soon…!?


Upcoming free sake tasting event!

Free sake tasting events will be held at Wasshoi in the Prahran Market (very close to Market Lane Coffee). Don’t miss it!!

You can taste Kunimare Brewery’s ‘Ginpu’ (Sake of the Month) made in Hokkaido, Japan.

  • 7 July 2020 (Saturday) 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm


You can taste Funasaka Brewery’s Daiginjo ‘Yotsuboshi’ (Sake of the Month) made in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

  • 4 August 2020 (Saturday) 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Photos at FUJITEI credit to: Kingsley

Find him on Instagram at @mrkingsley.w


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Guest writer: Natsumi Nambu

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