For people who love rich ramen – with a special offer!
Within walking distance of the incredibly popular Japanese restaurant SHYUN is the recently opened SHYUN RAMEN BAR. It specialises in ramen.

The ingredients in the soup base are prepared on site, and the result is a work of art that allows the rich flavour to be enhanced, without being too heavy.
The soup bases available are pork bone (tonkotsu) boiled in hot water and simmered for 10 hours, or chicken broth (tori-gara) boiled in hot water for 5 hours. Both are brimming with collagen and flavour.
You can choose between a miso or soy sauce base.

The most popular ramen is the tonkotsu miso ($11.90).
The long simmering time of the tonkotsu soup ensures that while the rich flavour is enhanced, the saltiness is restrained. The pork fillet is soft, and the bamboo shoots and boiled egg complement the soup perfectly.

The soy milk champon costs $13.90. It’s a mixed base of pork bone and chicken bone.
The soy milk soup is creamy, rich and full of vegetables. It’s the kind of dish that tastes best on a cold winter day.

The newest addition to the menu is the mega shyun ramen. It costs $14.90 (the special price for August).
As you can see from the photo of the tonkotsu shoyu, the richness of the pork is intensified when combined with soy sauce. The ample amount of vegetables and pork belly top off this new ramen.

Another recommendation from SHYUN RAMEN BAR is the mystery sauce. It can be used to flavour any kind of dish! If you add it into your ramen, the flavour becomes more pronounced. Please try it!

The mystery sauce is definitely suited for people who enjoy the rich flavour.
For those who rather a thinner taste, there is also diluted soup available.
From August, there will be new noodles available, created specifically to complement the rich soup. Please make sure to try it!
The owner and chef, Mr Suzuki, says that he opened a ramen restaurant because he wanted to offer a real, rich ramen to customers. Mr Suzuki’s love for ramen is shown through his ability to create the perfect amount of flavour and the way he treasures the richness of the ramen, and yet still maintains the balance of both.


Mr Suzuki’s desire to offer high-quality Japanese food to his customers led to the opening of a second restaurant in the same vicinity as SHYUN. He is continuing the concept of SHYUN (SHYUN means ‘season’ in Japanese) as a theme for his restaurants, and aiming to provide seasonal ramen at SHYUN RAMEN BAR.


Still hungry after the ramen? Try the dessert!
The green tea ice cream is only $2.
The bitterness of the green tea is a flavour that Japanese people love, and now it’s available as ice cream!

And here’s a special offer for our readers!
When you visit SHYUN RAMEN BAR, if you tell the staff that you read this article on Japan In Melbourne, you’ll receive a free mini green tea ice cream!
This offer is only valid throughout August for customers who order ramen.
See you there!



Address:    73 KOORNANG ROAD CARNEGIE ・ VIC ・ 3163
Contact:    Tel 03 8394 5971
Public transport access:  Two minute walk from Carnegie station
Business hours:    12:00pm-3:00pm (Last order: 2:45pm)
5:00pm-9:00pm  (Last order: 8:45pm)
Closed:     Sunday, Monday
Seating:    28 seats

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