COFFEE X SAKE; A Seminar at Market Lane Coffee


In Australia, we are seeing more and more people from all over the world staying here on working holiday visas to study the art of coffee in Australia’s coffee culture hub, Melbourne. Renowned for its vast variety of cafes and restaurants, Melbourne has been a major innovating drive in coffee culture for some time now.


Melbourne being the multicultural hub that it is, has also been experiencing an influx of Japanese sake culture into Melbourne establishments, whether they are Japanese, fusion or otherwise. Sake is picking up enough steam that there are even sake seminars and masterclasses for how to serve, enjoy and recommend sake to customers. We covered last February’s sake masterclass, although slightly different, you can read about the previous sake masterclass here:

Quality Okayama Project Returns to Melbourne


In celebration of the booming popularity of sake and coffee in Melbourne, a seminar night is going to be held at Market Lane Coffee in Prahran, for students of sake and coffee to get an in-depth look at the differences and surprising similarities that the coffee and sake making processes may share.


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The event will run from 7-9pm on the 1st of December at Market Lane Coffee and feature talks from Market Lane Coffee’s very own Head Roaster Mr Toshiyuki Ishiwata to give a run down on the coffee side of the event, as well as talks from a number of representatives from Quality Okayama’s sake breweries and producers. They will be in Melbourne promoting Japanese sake during the week prior at a number of events and will be presenting at COFFEE X SAKE to cover the sake side of the event. The event will be held in both English and Japanese so all students are welcome! You will also have time to directly ask the speakers questions you have about coffee and sake as well, so this is a great opportunity to get learn from the experts!




So that attendees get the full COFFEE X SAKE experience, there will also be plenty of time for tasting as well!


Tickets are already on sale, and are limited, so make sure you get in quick to secure your place for an enjoyable and educational evening to learn about these two fantastic beverages and listen to talks by some of the people behind their production. Proceeds of the ticket sales will be donated to a Rwandan charity as Rwanda one of Market Lane Coffee’s favourite origins.


Tickets can be purchased via the link below:


This is an event organised by TRYBER in cooperation with Market Lane Coffee and Quality Okayama. You can find out more about Market Lane Coffee and Quality Okayama via the links below.

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