The First Sake Matsuri in Melbourne!

The Sake Matsuri was the first event of its kind, bringing six Japanese sake importerhttps://www.japaninmelbourne.com.au/files/s and distributors together for a spectacular day of sake…

Hokkaido & Gifu Sake Tasting Night!

  Over two days during the end of June, Sakemate is holding two special sake tasting nights! If you are interested in sake, it…

Coffee and Cake With Pierrick Boyer

  We stopped by on the fourth day after Pierrick Boyer Café Patisserie had opened. This gorgeous café was a sight to behold. Spacious…



Event Report – A taste of Kyoto

On August 3rd, promotional event ‘A Taste of Kyoto’ was held at Prahran Market. Regional coorindator from the Kyoto Prefectural Tourism Promotion Administration Office,…

A Taste of Kyoto

Endeavor tastes and flavours of the beautiful Kyoto prefecture of Japan! Where: Omega Neil Perry Demonstration Kitchen, Prahran Market Date: Saturday, 3rd August Event…

Summer Ikebana Event with Shogo Kariyazaki

Esteemed Ikebana professional Mr. Shogo Kariyazaki, whom has appeared on Japanese television on a number of occasions, will be making his way to Melbourne!…

Fashon and Beauty

Yamato Nadeshiko – Miku

Yamato Nadeshiko (Japanese Dianthus), is the synonym of an idealized Japanese lady. Today, we introduce Miku.

Yamato Nadeshiko – Kanae

Yamato Nadeshiko (Japanese Dianthus), is the synonym of an idealized Japanese lady. Today, we introduce Kanae.


Searching for a blogger

Searching for a blogger/SNS user/YouTuber who can travel Kanto region in Japan   We urgently need a keen blogger who can travel in Japan…


Jamanapo: Soulful Treasures

Jamanapo features original handcrafted bags and gifts made with loving care by Maoko Carroll. Each item is carefully crafted and has it’s own unique fabric pattern and special features to ensure no two bags are the same.



Pro Wrestlers Slam Down in Melbourne!

Fans of the professional wrestling scene, if you’re not already aware of the upcoming battle at Festival Hall, then you might need to wrestle…

Want to Know How to Make it BIG IN JAPAN?

While Japan in Melbourne usually focuses on Japan-focused events, restaurants and interviews in Melbourne, we like to shake things up every now and again,…