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Chopsticks Manners in Japan vol.2

Every country has its own set of table manners. The table manners required when partaking of delicate Japanese cuisines are often considered too rigid. Manners are, however, an expression of how much you are about others at the same table, and represent the most efficient way of having meals. You can use chopsticks neatly and naturally by learning a warm manner in our life every day even any kind of situation. They are convenient when is used, but do not disturb the atmosphere at table; learn a manner to keep it.

Editor Sherry’s Sri Lanka Travel Report 3/3

Sri Lanka is famous for their 6 cultural World Heritage sites. The last several days we visited a couple of sites on the list. Our first stop of the day was Sigiriya — the Lion Rock.
When I first looked at the site, I thought about Uluru. Well, they are similar since both of them are giant natural rocks. The difference is the site in Sigiriya was human modified: they built palaces, digged swimming pools, and drew paintings on the wall.