The chef-d’oeuvre Hiromi Uehara was playing at the Jazz Festival: The Premium Concert Grand Piano – YAMAHA CFX


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Photo: Takako Kaneshige


The dynamic tones and rhythms were swift-flowing like a raging river.

The expressive emotions were as powerful as a storm.

The inexhaustible energy that has been sealed in a small body exploded and filled the concert hall through fingers and hands, facial expressions, and arm and leg movements.


The multiple layers of the sound were so complex and in-depth, that one could not help but doubting his eyes and ears, wondering wondering if that was really the sound made by just one piano as the performance went on.

Hiromi Uehara’s performance was so powerful that it burnt in the back of everyone’s mind at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2012 , ended on 10 June.

Followed by Hiromi’s interview, we are now going to take a closer look at her stage partner, YAMAHA’s premium concert piano CFX. 



YAMAHA is the world famous “Music Maker” that has been manufacturing a full line of music-related products such as musical instruments and audio/visual equipments.

As piano is where it all started for YAMAHA, its significance explains why “YAMAHA” is considered the synonym of “piano” to many Japanese people. Piano expert, YAMAHA can proudly proclaim that CFX is the truly great hand-crafted piano that is the collection of the best components of their high calibre concert pianos, dated back over a hundred years.

YAMAHA manufactured their first concert grand piano “FC” in 1950. Since then, the company has been conducting extensive research and repeated tests in order to catch up to the high techniques of the experienced European piano manufacturers. Finally in 1991, YAMAHA successfully created the “CFIII” that has received good reputation around the world.
After 19 years of hard work, in 2010, YAMAHA created a completely new “CFX” based on the old models.
They strive to produce the powerfully deep and thick sound that penetrates into every corner of the space.
YAMAHA pianos have a reputation for beautifully sweet tones, but it is pointed out by many that there is a lack of “power”, the strong, thick sound, when performed in a grand concert hall in particular.

Their aim is to make CFX the piano that is equipped with the power of expression, and the ability to handle and to deliver rich and dominant sounds in vast space.
The structure of the pillars (the foundation), is re-examined all over again, and its sturdiness has also been greatly enhanced.

The role of the soundboard is so important that it is also called the “heart of a piano”. Wood that has been specially selected based on the grain structure, strength and resonance, is seasoned for long periods so that it is in perfect condition to form the best soundboard and eventually, to produce the best tones. Thanks to a high quality soundboard, CFX is now capable of producing a wide range of dynamics.

Details such as the production method and process are reconsidered thoroughly too. After these uncompromising processes, the wish of a pianist to produce their ideal sound has now come true.

Another prominent characteristic of CFX is its design.

"May there be arguments for and against the design of CFX, we are going to come up with the most suitable one for CFX and wonderstruck the world this time." The idea of the developing team is highly reflected in the appearance of the piano.
What stands out the most is the shape of the "cheeks" of the piano case. The curves are so sensational and unique that they prevent boredom after long performance, yet without distracting the pianist.
Piano is a living thing.

Consist of approximately 8000 parts, each and every part of a grand piano is so closely related to one another that it seems that there are infinite possibilities within, similar to that of a human body. The collaboration is manifested through the expression of music’s individuality.
While Hiromi Uehara is becoming the centre of attention of the world as a jazz pianist, CFX has the magical power to embrace her exuberant passion, emotions and playful mind; her overflowing energy, dazzling technique and her true ability and skills are genuinely reflected through the magnificent flow of music.
The solid partnership of the two is delivered to each and every excited audience, as well as proven by the fervent standing ovation during the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

"The power to echo with the beauty"
Piano, the traditional musical instrument has been undergoing an evolution and is now transformed into the remarkable instrument with a profound history.
CFX, created by the world renowned YAMAHA, is the proud crown jewel of all concert grand pianos.

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