Chopsticks Manners in Japan Vol.3

It is hardly use chopstick rest at home. Besides, it is manner violation that put chopsticks directly on a table, and put them onto a bowl or a plate.

Therefore you would enjoy the meal when you handcraft chopstick bag with your favourite pattern paper which becomes the substitute for chopstick rest. It is good for the hospitality that consideration is indicated in a casual party.


▲How to Make Chopstick Bag


■ To Prepare

200 x 200mm square Origami Paper


■ Method

Fold origami paper as 4 equal portions vertically. Fold a quarter left into the inside.


Fold the right upper end in a triangle along the right line. Fold the left-sided upper end in the same way.


Perform a valley fold of the left side along with the left second.


Make a valley fold so that the right side becomes the top.


Fold a bottom around 0.5-1cm behind so that chopsticks do not fall.


Insert chopsticks.


Please enjoy it with the paper of your favourite pattern. A usual meal becomes just slightly gorgeous!


【A Little Addition】

▲How to Drink Soup in a Bowl

Even when a clear soup is served in a covered bowl, you will not to be in trouble as long as you follow some simple rules.

When uncovering the bowl, hold the rim of the bowl with your left hand, and lift the lid with your right hand by holding the top of the lid.


Let the moisture on the inner side of the lid drop into the bowl, and place it beside the bowl with both hands.


Take a sip first before starting to eat ingredients. After the first sip, you can enjoy the soup freely, eating the ingredients with chopsticks or taking another sip. But one caution: don’t wash down ingredients with soup.


Please practice it at the chopsticks manners at home.


Have a happy eating!



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