Chopsticks Manners in Japan vol.2

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Every country has its own set of table manners. The table manners required when partaking of delicate Japanese cuisines are often considered too rigid. Manners are, however, an expression of how much you are about others at the same table, and represent the most efficient way of having meals.

You can use chopsticks neatly and naturally by learning a warm manner in our life every day even any kind of situation. They are convenient when is used, but do not disturb the atmosphere at table; learn a manner to keep it.

We introduced you mainly how to take up chopstickslast time, and then let’s learn the chopsticks manner during the meal this time. We would like to introduce the part of the manners thought there are a lot of manners of chopsticks at table in Japan. Please practice at home.


▲Chopsticks End 3cm Rule

Though had chopsticks according to manners; from there how?

Chopsticks are tools to catch food and carry to mouth, but it is a manner that prevents you from staing the chopsticks end too much. It is good to use only “Chopsticks End 3cm”.

In fact, this is difficult an serious unexpectedly.  It is easily stained more than 3cm when you have miso soup. It is the evidence that only it becomes vulgar manner “to have been stained more than 3cm”. It is important to use the chopsticks while caring about food quantity to catch by chopsticks and bring it to your mouth.


▲How to Rest Chopsticks

When you let go chopsticks from your hand, how do you do?

It is originally manner violation to put them on a rice/soup bowl, put only chopsticks end on the edge of a plate, and put on the table directly.

If there is a chopstick rest, let’s use the chopstick rest by all means. When there is not a chopstick rest, put it on chopsticks bag or hold chopsticks bag as a substitute for a chopstick rest.

It is a manner to put to the chopstick rest when you finish eating. In the case of chopsticks bag, insert chopsticks end into chopsticks bag.


▲Taboos Related to Chopsticks

It is said “Kiraibashi” not to have to be how to use chopsticks. Such “Kiraibashi” have much, but introduce it partly here.

Drawing Plates or Bowls
near You
Don’t draw a plate or bowl toward you with chopsticks.
Touching Food Unnecessarily Don’t touch foods with chopsticks unnecessarily without eating them.
Scooping Don’t scoop up food by using chopsticks like a spoon and bring them to your mouth.
Shovelling Food into Mouth Don’t put your lips to a plate or bowl and shovel food into your mouth with chopsticks.
Picking up Plates or Bowls While Holding Chopsticks Don’t pick up a plate or bowl while holding chopsticks.
Pointing at Someone Don’t point at someone with chopsticks.
Laying Chopsticks
across Plate or Bowl
Don’t lay chopsticks across a plate or bowl.
Piercing Food Don’t prick food with chopsticks.
Favourite-taste judging Don’t feel food in a plate or bowl.
Empty Chopsticks Don’t let food go which was caught with chopsticks once.
Biting Don’t chew chopsticks by your teeth.
Licking up Don’t lick chopsticks.
Same Hand Don’t have a plate or bowl by the same hand while having chopsticks.
Sticking Don’t stick chopsticks into rice.


There is a lot more, it would be seen very smartly to use chopsticks if it comes to be possible for even these minimum. If you feel comfortable with these taboos above by yourself, it is much better to follow the manners to other people as etiquette.

Happy eating with chopsticks!




Next time: Create your own chopstick bag from origami paper and more.


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