Miso Flavour Pudding and Miso Scrambled Egg





[ Caramel ]

1) Place caster sugar and 2 tbsp water into a pan. Heat over middle and shake it well until becoming brown.

2) Turn down the heat and add 1 tbsp water.

3) Divide caramel into 8 small heat-proof pudding molds and set aside.


[ Pudding ]

4) Beat eggs in a bowl, add caster sugar and miso paste. Mix well without forming.

5) Add milk little by little, then add few drops of vanilla esssence. Mix well without forming.

6) Strain pudding liquid and put it into the molds. Cover with cling film.

7) Pour water about the third height of the mold into a pot, bring to the boil.

8) Turn down the heat, place ⑥ to the pot, covered, steam for 10mins over low heat.

9) Turn off the heat, leave them covered for 15mins.
Make sure the liquid does not come out when sticking a skewer in the middle.

10) Cool in a refrigerator.



1) Mix the eggs, full cream and miso paste in a bowl.

2) Place and melt the butter in a pan over midium heat.

3) Pour ① into the pan, scramble until half cooked.

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