The event of Bizen ware and 5 Okayama local sake breweries is opening NOW.



Quality Okayama Project presents a traditional industry of Okayama prefecture for overseas development.
As the part of the project, the regional Bizen Pottery exhibition and Sake tasting is held at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne QV (Level 3, in front of Daiso) by people concerned of Bizen ware and 5 local sake breweries who came to Australia for this event.


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There were over 120 people from Consulate-General of Japan in Melbourne, food and beverages trading companies, restaurants the media and so on, came to the Opening Night on the 19th of January.


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5 Sake Breweries; Itano Shuzo (  Japanease facebook page) brewing of “Hutamo”, Shiragiku Shuzo brewing of “Shiragiku”, Kikuchi Shuzo brewing of “Sanzen”, Tsuji honten  ( Japanese website) brewing of “Gozenshu”, Miyashita Shuzo brewing of “Kiwamihijiri” served their proud sake.

These sake breweries use “Omachi rice”, which is the origin of most of sake rice Included Yamadanishiki or Gohyakumangoku known as high quality one. The Omachi rice is originally from Okayama, and 90% of national amount of the production are produced in Okayama at present.

The canape with Okayama festival sushi (Okayama barazushi) motif was made by chef Ikuei Arakane and it enhanced the taste of sake.
Amazingly, 33 brands of sake were served by 5 breweries in total at the night.
Some of them were already distributed in Australia and the rest of the brands will be available soon.

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The feature of Bizen ware is the simple taste made by special way not to use glaze at all. All eyes were on Bizen ware with the presence to feel the earth which has similarity with aboriginal art. The tea-set (center in the photo) in the paulownia box were already sold during the opening event.


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The Quality Okamaya Project, Bizen ware exhibition (daytime) is held until 24th January and Sake tasting (night) has just one day left on the 23rd January.

On the 23rd, a tea ceremony using the Bizen tea set was just determined to be held by Urasenke in Melbourne from 14:00.
Please feel free to visit there with your family or friends to enjoy the great “Okayama Quality” at this opportunity.



offcial website:

Bizen Pottery & Sake Exhibition
Date: Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th January
Time: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: No Vacancy Gallery Level 3 QV, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne

Sake Tasting
Date: Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd January
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Venue: No Vacancy Gallery Level 3 QV, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne

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