Okayama Sake Masterclass Day Two!


Following the Quality Okayama event in Melbourne, the team flew up to the next Sydney to prepare for the second day’s event. Upon arriving in Sydney, we did a little sightseeing before heading over to Rockpool Bar & Grill which would also be our venue for the Sydney event.


After the team enjoyed a delicious lunch comprised of some of Rockpool’s finest dishes, while discussing last minute preparations for the event.


Unlike the previous day’s event, the Sydney event was more like a private function and seminar for the Rockpool Bar & Grill staff to become more knowledgeable about sake, how the method of brewing changes the taste of the sake, and how to recommend sake to their customers.


It ran similarly to the Sake Masterclass sessions held on the previous day, however, some of the sake brewers made speeches and were given the chance to directly answer questions from the Rockpool staff. Around forty staff members were listening to the presentation attentively, asking detailed questions about the different types of sake and what to look for in tasting sake, and generally making the most of their exclusive training session.


A big thanks to Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney for providing a venue for this special Sake Masterclass and for showing their interest in Sake and to the Quality Okayama team for visiting Australia once again.


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