Help the 2011 Tsunami victims by buying cute handmade accessories!!

27 Mar 2020
English – Japanese


Buy a cute Good luck charms Hawaiian Rai Strap. The money raised goes to the victims of the 2011 earthquake. Handmade braided ribbon with kukui seed attached to the strap. 

Kukui is the state official tree of Hawaii. In Hawaiian it means “lamplight” and “light”. The creators of these straps are made in the hope of reconstruction of Eastern Japan. As you can see there are many colourful choices. And no matter how you look at it the braided ribbon is very neat and delicate? There are a variety of colour combinations. 1 person is likely to make about 50 in the space of one month.

Making these charms doesn’t just aid the victim in fundraising. When the people of the devastated community come together to make these straps they make important bonds and friendships that are invaluable in this difficult time. Together they can celebrate being alive. Where you are placed in the temporary housing is determined on a lottery, so entire communities have been uprooted. This project helps them have a feeling of community again! 

When I heard the stories of theses handmade straps and how much good they’re doing for the disaster
victims that I wanted to get involved and help sell the accessories.

If you would like to buy a strap and give me your details, I can deliver the strap for free. The original price in Japan is 500yen ($5AU) and there’s no addition rate or fee. It’s not so much about buying the strap, but donating and the wonderful feeling you receive when you know that you have helped! And you get an adorable strap is just a bonus!!

And add your name, telephone number, desired number of purchases (I can also be accepted as long as the desired color is available). Please tell me a day that’s convenient for you. (between March and April). Payment is $5AU cash upon delivery.

Ayaka Tamai
[email protected]

Delivery place is:
Melbourne city
Flinders Station from to Melbourne Uni. (we can arrange??)
Please contact us if unreasonable.

Story and Photo : Ayaka Tamai
Transration : Jane Romone


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