【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 In the home! The Useful Plate Series Debuts!

Serving plate series comes up newly on Ichiba Junction!  We have 22 kinds, more than 60 dish series. They are all elegant shape and, find the price very cheap, too.




What about serving grilled meat or fish (it should be wonderful if a head and a tail of fish protrude) on bigger plates, and pour sauce or dip sauce in small side plates, then may attach it to your main dishes.

Of course they can be used in a party scene and warm up an atmosphere more. It is joyful if it is put sliced cakes or pretty cupcakes. It looks delicious even if serving snacks or any other things to nibble with wine and sake.




The hues of the plates are slightly different each. Please enjoy the hue too. Because made by ceramics, please handle with care.



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