Recruitment of ZOSAN CLUB

Established in 1983, ZOSAN CLUB will be recruiting new staff in 2013 as it welcomes its 30th anniversary.

[What is ZOSAN CLUB]
Zosan Club is an extracurricular school for high school students in Sapporo, Japan. Students enrol as early as 2 to 5 years old and study for 16 years until the end of senior high school
※However, entry after elementary school is not allowed.

・23 members between the age of 2 and the 3rd year of senior high were enrolled in 2012
・Infants / Elementary school students course. →60 minutes lesson twice a week
・Junior High / Senior High School students course. →120 minutes lesson once a week
・Students study science / social studies (geography, history, economics, politics) / English using a curriculum unique to ZOSAN CLUB, in both English and Japanese.



[Position Details]

We are seeking an individual to take the role of an assistant during classes for middle and senior school students, from April 1, 2020 until March 31 2014, at our school in Sapporo, Japan.
This entails working together with the main teacher in teaching, as well as in crafting and reviewing the school’s curriculum. 
Applicants are expected to encourage students and convey a passion for learning in the classroom, as well as to offer strong academic and moral support to students throughout the year.


[Application Criteria]
Must be currently enrolled or about to be enrolled in university
Must demonstrate high academic achievement in high school and tertiary studies (if applicable)
Science/ Medicine students preferred,
A basic level of Japanese proficiency is expected of applicants

(1) Applicant must be passionate and able to dedicate all of their efforts and creativity for the sake of students.
(2) It is important that applicants are experienced in accumulating knowledge and both understand and are able to convey the important of learning.

■Weekly schedule
Monday / No lesson, curriculum meeting
Tuesday / Lesson 14:00 – 21:00 (7h)
Wednesday / Lesson 17:00 – 2100 (4h), curriculum preparation before the start of lessons
Thursday / Lesson 14:00 – 21:00 (7h)
Friday / Lesson 17:00 – 2100 (4h), curriculum preparation before the start of lessons
Saturday / No lesson, twice monthly curriculum meeting
Sunday / Rest day

Contractual period: April 1, 2020 – Mar 31, 2020
(summer holidays 2 weeks / autumn holidays 1 week / winter holidays 2 weeks)
○Monthly salary: 150,000 yen

・Housing rental – About 40,000 yen (Deposit will be paid by ZOSAN CLUB)
・Meals – About 40,000 yen
・Utilities and mobile phone – About 20,000 yen

Room and basic furniture (refrigerator, bed, microwave oven etc) will be provided by ZOSAN CLUB.
About 50,000 yen can be saved monthly.
Overseas travel insurance is mandatory.
In the event of sickness or injury, a hospital catering to foreigners will be recommended.

Contact: E-mail  [email protected]


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