Yamato Nadeshiko -Yuka


Name  Yuka 
Age  24
Occupation  Sales
Home Town  O
The length of the stay  1 months (travel)

Favorite area  Fitzroy

Today's Item:

Camisole: secondhand shop on Chapel st  $49
Inner: Melbourne Central 2 for $20
Pants: From Japan
Bag: From Japan
Shoes: Rubi $20

My Particular Style

Basically my fashion style is casual. I've just been Australia for 3weeks so most of my clothes are from Japan, however I found that shopping in Melbourne is fun because there are many cute shops and clothes more than I expect!

I usually hang around my favorite shops when I want to buy new item. Although I feel like I want to buy onepiece in the beggining, I take pants and tops during shopping and end up buy other item.

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