Beautiful Sounds of Okinawa

On the 21st of April 2018, Okinawan singer and sanshin performer, Mion will be holding her own solo concert in Melbourne titled “Churashima no Uta”.


According to her bio, Mion is a young aspiring sanshin performer who won a prestigious award in the instrument’s division at the Traditional Okinawa Performing Arts Grand Prix Competition sponsored by the Okinawa Times. She has previously performed in Canada on two occasions, but this will be her first time performing in Australia.


Alongside her, special guests koto player Brandon Lee and Ryukyu dancer Marina Oshiro. Supporting acts Ichimadin and Hiroki Ijima will also be making an appearance on the night.


Ticket proceeds will be put forward to the JCS Rainbow Project and the Nichi-go Junior Project, and will work towards supporting areas of Japan affected by the devastating earthquake the occurred during March of 2011.


Tickets purchased online before the 12th of April will also go in the running to win a special prize handpicked by Mion, herself.

If you would like to read more about the event and book tickets, visit the official Facebook event page.

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