Japanese Sake Dinner with Sake Master Mr Toshi Maeda and shamisen player, Noriko Tadano!!!

Experience an unforgettable night of beautiful Japanese kaiseki cuisine alongside a sake master and sake brewing.

Japanese Sake Dinner with
Sake Master Mr Toshi Maeda and
shamisen player, Noriko Tadano!!!


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Event at Koko Melbourne.

Step into a world of Japanese cuisine at this exclusive dinner, and discover some of Japan's finest sakes paired with six courses prepared by Koko's team of chefs. A predominately seafood inspired menu will be matched to Sake from Asabiraki Sake Brewery in Iwate, in the north of Japan, presented by renowned Sake Master Mr. Toshi Maeda.

– – – Shamisen performance – – –
Noriko Tadano, famous shamisen (Japanese instrument) player in Australia will be performing at the pre-dinner reception. In 2012, Noriko was a finals contestant for popular TV program, Australia’s Got Talent. Enjoy the authentic Japanese experience at Koko.

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Sake Master Mr Toshi Maeda

Asabiraki Sake Brewery

Premium Sake Tasting – Kikizake Vol.10 –
Mr Toshi Maeda & Asabiraki Event report

Toshi Maeda fell in love with Japanese premium sake at his mid 20's for its beautiful fragrance and texture since his first sip on Tatsuriki Daiginjo Komenosasayaki. Since then, Toshi has started taught himself about sake by reading books, visiting Sakagura (brewer) & meeting Kurabito (people who works at Sakagura), meeting other sake experts to exchange information and most importantly, tasting hundreds types of sake by himself. After all, he strongly believes that the quality, variety, complication and profundity of Japanese sake are almost equal or even greater than Western wine. Honestly, Toshi believes that Japanese premium sake will be fully enjoyed by Australian people in a similar way of wine.


Noriko Tadano, Originating from Chiba prefecture, Noriko started playing the shamisen when she was 6. Coming to Melbourne as a Japanese assistant language teacher (ALT) she has been performing shamisen in order to let more Australians know about Japanese culture. Currently, Noriko actively performs live shows on the streets and is featured in various festivals and concerts whilst working with other musical instruments and music genres.


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