【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Tobikko? Masago? How different?

Yes, we have both “TOBIKKO” and “MASAGO” on Ichiba Junction. It shows the appearance really in the same way, but is an exception really.


■ Flying Fish Roe Tobikko 500g

▲2008 Mond Selection Gold Medal

"Tobikko" is food preserved in salt of the eggs of flying fish. Skin is hard, and the texture that a grain splits open is delicious.


■ UMAMI Masago 500g

▲Daiwa Food home brand. Good for sushi rolls

Used as a substitute of tobikko well. It is the food preserved in salt of the egg of Capelins. As for the grain, it is smaller than tobikko.


So used fish are totally different, and can be used to salad or pasta sauce as well as sushi. Please give a try.



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