A scoop on the Sake Dinner at Taxi Dining Room

Indulge in 10 different sake from 5 sake breweries with splendid cuisine


Co-organised by Deja Vu Sake Company, Gourmet Traveller Wine and Taxi Dining Room, a five-course degustaion sake dinner featuring ten sake from five sake breweries was held on 6 September at Taxi Dining Room.

It was a special night because five passionate representatives from Amanoto (Asami Shuzo), Dewazakura (Dewazakura Sake Brewery), Houraisen (Sekiya Brewery), Tengumai (Syata Syuzou) and Yoshinogawa (Yoshinogawa Co) came all the way from Japan to promote their splendid sake. Rather than another ordinary sake presentation, it was a night full of entertainment and laughter with delicate cuisine and accompanying sake prepared by the team led by Tony Twitchett and Ikuei Arakane (aka Kin-san).





Some tapas and sake cocktail (lychee flavoured) to warm up our palates


Sake Lineup

From left to right

1. DewazakuraDewa Sansan Junmai Ginjo
2. YoshinogawaGokujo Ginjo
3. YoshinogawaGensen Karaguchi
4. AmanotoJunkara Junmai
5. AmanotoJunmai Ginjo
6. HouraisenBeshi Tokubetsu Junmai
7. HouraisenBessen Honjozo
8. DewazakuraYamada Nishiki Daigunjo 48
9. TengumaiUmajun Junmai
10. TengumaiYamahai Jikomi Junmai


First Course with Yoshinogawa (EST 1548, NIIGATA)


Chawanmushi with Kumamoto oysters and yuzu dashi
paired with

Gensen Karakuchi (served warm)
Gokujo Ginjo 50



Second Course with Amanoto (EST 1917, AKITA)

Tuna sashimi with konbu dressing and shitake miso
paired with

Junkara Junmai
Junmai Ginjo




Third Course with Houraisen (EST 1864, AICHI)

Wagyu tataki with Saikyo miso dressing
paired with

Bessen Honjozo
Beshi Tokubtsu Junmai (served warm)




Fourth Course with Dewazakura (EST 1892, YAMAGATA)

Ocean trout, fennel and nashi pear with sake dressing
paired with

Dewa Sansan Junmai Ginjo
Yamada Nishiki Daiginjo 48




Fifth Course with Tengumai (EST 1823, ISHIKAWA)

Taxi's sticky pork with Japanese sea scallop and red chilli dressing
paired with

Umajun Junmai
Yamahai Jikomi Junmai




Complimentary Dessert Plate





Representatives from Tengumai, Dewazakura and Houraisen (from left to right)


The five gentlemen briefly introduce their sake breweries and continued on with their specialties and advantages, as well as some sake and Japan trivia. How could we forget the swift dance moves of Tengumai (literally the dance of the monster "Tengu"), the velvety soft and smooth skin of Yoshinogawa's representative, and the association with beautiful Akita ladies suggested by Amanoto.


Every guest was happy to share their opinion on each sake as well as their experience with sake and/ or in Japan. Planning your end of year getaway? How about enjoying your favourite sake after a relaxing onsen (hot spring) or a thorough sake brewery tour during the snow season in Japan?





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