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8th March 2012


Maybe you have never heard about it before

But believe me

Once you have found it

You will keep coming back



Their first impression on you might be the giant slogan on their window saying "Life is uncertain. Eat desserts first". Or it might also be the "Melbourne Macaron Top 20" certificate near the entrance. Or maybe the simple but classy interior design which brings out the warmth of the sunshine. However, you would not realize what LuxBite really is until you walk inside the cafe and take a look at their cabinets.


The owners of LuxBite are Bernard and Yen who opened this beautiful cafe in December 2010. Originally from Malaysia, they polished their craft and worked with a number of famous chefs in both Sydney and Melbourne before finally started their own business. 

They have been gathering ideas from life and they are dedicated in bringing those ideas into their desserts. 

A lot of their desserts are Japan-influenced. "We love Japan," says Yen, "we visit Japan almost once a year to gather ideas and inspirations". 


When they just started, like all businesses, they had difficulties in getting to know the customers' "wants" and "likes". "It's a process of learning, and we are still learning," says Bernard as his eyes shine with confident. 

Espeicially in Melbourne, it is important for a cafe to cater for both local Melbournians and Asian populations. It is always easier said than done. But after one year and four months, they are getting better and better as the business slowly taking off. 

"Aussies usually go for sweet desserts. They like chocolate, strawberries, and passionfruit. Whereas Asians, what they like is usually quite different," comments Yen. 



Inspired by the Japanese idea of "Seasonal Dessert", Bernard and Yen also developed their own seasonal pieces. Let us take a look at those amazing desserts!

Summer Love. One of the most popular dessert in LuxBite recently. It features watermelon yogurt, peppermint, white chocolate, and other flavors that you are craving for summer! 

Mango Tango. In short, it was yum…. Passionfruit, pineapple and mango scents all from one tart, what else do you want?

Oh, wait, it actually gets better.



Macarons! Yes, Melbourne's top 20 macarons! They look gorgeous, taste even better. Also, as considerate as Bernard and Yen, they also developed food coloring-free macarons for children and expecting mothers. The colours of "Oreo" and "Bamboo Oolong Tea" are naturally derived from the ingredients. And most of the macarons are gluten free, which make them delicious and healthy at the same time.

(Photo from LuxBite)

For those who want to mix and match, you are encouraged to try their popular breakfast menu, which includes cakes and macarons alongside other traditional breakfast dishes. 

Do they have jam? Of course! Bernard found this really good home-made jam when he was visiting Prahan market a while ago and he decided to put them in LuxBite immediately after he his try. 

When we were about to finish the interview, our reporter asked if Bernard and Yen have any message to the customers, "Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first" was the first thing came out, which also explained why they had the guts to open their own business. 

Words can only show you this much. If you are curious about the whole picture of LuxBite, hop on the tram on a sunny day, bring your cameras, and go get yourself a real treat!




Story and Photo by Sherry Chen



38 Toorak Road,
South Yarra, VIC 3141
P: +61 398 675 888
Web: www.luxbite.com.au
Open 7 days, 8am – 8pm


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