Come and Enjoy WORLD SAKE DAY 2017!!

Come and Enjoy WORLD SAKE DAY 2017!! If you love sake, then you might be interested in heading in to Horse Bazaar this Sunday (01/10) for WORLD SAKE DAY! Where craft sake is being celebrated! There will be nine different types of craft sake available for tasting as well as three different tapas!



From left to right, the sake provided are as follows:

・Niseko Junmai yellow label / Minamishima exclusive

・Niseko Junmai Ginjo red label / Fuji Tei exclusive (former Wabi Sabi Garden)

・Niseko Junmai blue label / Modern Eatery and Komeyui Japanese restaurant (coming soon)

・Kunimare Junmai Ginjo MARE / Minamishima

・Kanpai Cup 180ml / Izakaya Den and Lucy Liu

・Kunimare Junmai Ginpu Kunimare

・Jo-sen Miyamagiku / En Izakaya and Amaru

・Iteza Zousenjo Junmai Ginjo Genshu / Kakizaki Sushi Bar, Minamishima, Shoya and Izakaya Den

・Kamikatsu Junmai Ginjo Genshu / Kakizaki sushi Bar, Shoya and Lucy Liu


Tickets are limited and selling fast!! Well over half of the tickets have sold already and they won’t last, so if you’re interested in sake, make sure you get in before they sell out!


Included in the ticket price are the three types of tapas and the special Kanpai Cup Sake!! The sake listed above will be sold at special prices for attendees!! Definitely a must-try for sake lovers!


For more information on the event, check out the Facebook event page below!

Tickets can be purchased via the link below as well!


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