【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Introducing Sansai Mix Vegetable

The edible wild plant(sansai) grows wild in the fields and mountains and is the generic name of the plant to make edible. There are few harvests, and it is a characteristic that taste has many bitterness and lye. Therefore take much time and process including the lye omission to cook a fresh edible wild plant, but "Sansai Mix Vegetables 1kg" of Ichiba Junction is already cooked; can use it easily .

Besides, because it has been seasoned on the basis of soy sauce,  you could just have it as side dish deliciously, but why wouldn’t you use it well more and yet more, and broaden repertories? It is convenient all the time if you would have it in a  refrigerator!

By the way, about "Sansai Mix Vegetables 1 kg" that it deals with in Ichiba Junction, stalk of sweet potatoes, bracken, the bamboo shoots and nameko mashrooms; here are about the nutrition information.

Stalk of
Sweet Potatoes

Dietary Fibre Regulation of Intestines Functions, Relieving Constipation, Prevention of Rise in Blood Sugar Level, Cholesterol Discharge Promotion


Dietary Fibre,
Vitamin A and B2, Potassium
Arteriosclerosis Prevention, Relieving Constipation, Blood Pressure Stability Action, Cholesterol Discharge Promotion, Diuretic Effect

Bamboo Shoots

Dietary Fibre,
Regulation of Intestines Functions, Relieving Constipation, Prevention of Rise in Blood Sugar Level , Cholesterol Discharge Promotion

Nameko Mushrooms

Potassium, Trehalose Cholesterol Discharge Promotion, Hypertensive Prevention, Diuretic Effect, Fair Skin Effect, Osteoporosis Prevention



Recipes of Sansai Mix Vegetables

▶ Soba / Udon Noodle topped with Sansai Mix Vegetables

▶ Sansai Japanese Pilaf・・・recipe here

▶ Sansai Mix Vegetable Dressed with Mustard・・・combine sansai mix vegetables and mustard.

▶ Chicken and Sansai Vegetable Sauteed with Garlic・・・recipe here

▶ Sansai Vegetables and Pork Rice Donburi Bowl・・・recipe here


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