【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Yamagataya Seaweed Gift Series Arrival!

Yamagataya was established in Nihonbashi, Tokyo by Sohachi Kubota who came out of Oshu in the Edo era (1764); and their history is more than 240 years. The name of the shop yearned for the far-off hometown Yamagata prefecture and to be named.
Yamagataya where continue following tradition from generation to generation and still notice at a position as a long-established store of “nori seaweed” in Japan.

Sipping with the Sake Master = Shochu – Discover Japan’s other great drink =

Shochu – Discover Japan’s other great drink

Whilst most Australians are familiar with sake, shochu is an often overlooked and under appreciated Japanese drink. Shochu is a distilled spirit commonly made from rice, barley, soba (buckwheat), sweet potato or brown sugar. Many other obscure variants exist including carrot, tomato, chestnut and even milk!

【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Introducing Sansai Mix Vegetable

The edible wild plant(sansai) grows wild in the fields and mountains and is the generic name of the plant to make edible. There are few harvests, and it is a characteristic that taste has many bitterness and lye. Therefore take much time and process including the lye omission to cook a fresh edible wild plant, but “Sansai Mix Vegetables 1kg” of Ichiba Junction is already cooked; can use it easily .

Premium Sake Tasting – Kikizake Vol.8

The long awaited Premium Sake Tasting Event – Kikizake Vol.8 took place at Sake & Grill MAEDAYA on 5 February, 2011. Sake Master Toshi MAEDA gave us a lecture on the sake basics, namely, history & background, sake grades, making process and regional characteristics, while sampling 6 different premium sakes with Japanese light snacks (otsumami).

Kirin Megumi Stories Vol. 23 Chocolate Buddha

Let’s have Kirin with Original Japanese cuisines in Fed Square!

Address: Federation Square, Cnr of Swanston Street & Flinders street, Melbourne CBD Victoria 3000
TEL:(03)9654 5688
Opening Hours: Daily noon-11.30pm
URL: www.chocolatebuddha.com.au

Mince Cutlet

Recipe from {EIS} Japanese restaurant owner chef Mr Aoki.