Kirin Megumi Stories Vol.36 Horse Bazaar

04 July 2020

Complete determination.


Food and drinks that will satisfy anyone, music and space for relaxation. Whether lunch or dinner, or whether by yourself or chatting with friends, the determination of owners Mr. and Mrs. Tamura can be felt at this izakaya style bar, ‘Horse Bazaar’.

Head of the kitchen, Taka, makes her own creations by hand. The mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce are all her original creations. No chemical additives are used, and the chicken and eggs are organic.


There are also many vegetarian options. The menu focuses on Japanese food, and the chemistry it has with Kirin Megumi beer is in a class of its own. ‘My mum loved cooking, and I used to see her making snacks to accompany alcohol that made everyone happy. I never forget to provide service that will allow you to enjoy your time at Horse Bazaar.’

Recharge during the week (except Mondays) for lunch from 12, together with Megumi beer. 

<100% Wagyu beef – Tokyo Tower burger with chips – $15>

This burger will certainly satisfy! The elegant taste of the wagyu beef and the hand made sauce perfectly agree with each other. The burger is about 17 centimeters tall complete with fried onion rings and lettuce. It goes excellently with Megumi beer. 

 <Original Yakisoba under Okonomiyaki – $15>

These two favourites are now available together, served on a hot plate right in front of you, with an aroma that will linger in the air. The noodles are crispy and the okonomiyaki is soft and full of vegetables. From the moment you bite into this you can taste the quality ingredients, arousing the senses. Naturally, Megumi beer should flow freely with this.

< Pickled edamame soy beans (small) – $5 >

Pickled edamame – a popular dish with chili and garlic infused sauce, pickled with the skin on. Discover a new sense with this juicy and slightly sour dish. You will surely be hooked.

Horse Bazaar, where food and drinks combine perfectly with music and art. The menu plays with your heart, with an abundance of tapas and snacks starting from $5. 

The food at Horse Bazaar goes superbly with the most refined Megumi beer, combining the pure energy of both these factors. 

Article: Kurilui
Photo: oka P

Address: 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

TEL: (03) 9670 2329

Opening hours: Mon 4pm−late, Tue – Friday 12pm-late, Sat  5pm-late

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