【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 {VIC only} Rich Nutrition Organic Pumpkins

Organic pumpkins just arrived on Ichiba Junction.

The producer Kitanodai Kaihatsu is particular about natural agricultural methods in Cowra in NSW.
Without using a pesticide and even the manure (including dung), they soften soil and remove all grasses around vegetables with a hoe carefully, they work hard very much to grow them.

Because pumpkins are grown from Japanese pumpkin seeds, these pumpkins can be enjoyed to taste flaky.  To warm pumpkins in a microwave or to bake thinly sliced pumpkins can be had deliciously. Of course it is recommended to make pumpkin soup.  You can eat by the simple recipe deliciously. Furthermore, you can eat the outside skin.



Please try the organic pumpkin which grew in Cowra blessed with the fertile soil and high quality water for $5.50 each.

This pumpkins are available for the customers in VIC only for the pickup of Melbourne (Mt Waverley) and city (TRYBER) office, and Daiwa Delivery in VIC.


◆ Store Methods

A whole pumpkin Store at normal temperature in dry place for more than approximately one month.
                              Please be careful not to get a pumpkin wet.

Cut pumpkins – Keep in a refrigerator for approximately 2-3 weeks by wrapping them.


◆ The rich nutrient of the pumpkins

 Beta-carotene It can be said that beta-carotene raises resistance of a mucous membrane and the skin, and to be effective in a lifestyle-related disease and the cancer prevention. It also removes active oxygen and lipid peroxide and it can be let a cell activate and effective in prevention of aging.
 Dietary fibre It holds down absorption speed of glucose and fat, and then act on the restraint of the cholesterol level. It is also effective in the constipation prevention, the prevention of colon cancer and obese prevention.
 Vitamin C It increases internal immunity and it is effective in cold prevention and repulsing a virus. In addition, it provides strong anti oxidation and removes active oxygen and control what a cancer-causing material generates in the body and prevent a cancer. Furthermore, it participates in generation of the collagen, and there are the fair skin effects such as an effect to keep freshness of the skin or the prevention of a stain, freckles.
 Vitamin E It provides anti oxidation in vitamins the most and is famous as vitamins keeping youth. It promotes the bloodstream of the capillary and adds elasticity to blood vessel, and there is work to make the blood circulation better to the tip. It is also effective in menopausal disorders, improvement such as stiff shoulder, the poor circulation, cholesterol reduction, the arteriosclerotic prevention.


The pumpkin of the almighty vegetables which are usable in salad and soup, dessert not to mention food boiled and seasoned. Not to mention nutrition, I am reliable in a nothing pesticide, no manure if organic.

Form and the size are different one by one because it is a thing of nature. Please bring an eco bag as Pumpkins are big.


★To purchase, visit ICHIBA JUNCTION now!


Kitanodai Kaihatsu

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