Interview with Mr. John Milanese

-You are the most famous tour guide in Melbourne. How long have you been the guide?

Thanks to everybody its now my 12th year since starting Mr John Tours. Before that I was a tour driver/guide for 4 years.

-How many guides do you have?

There are two Japanese speaking Australian guides ,Tim and John (another John, not Mr John!) I also work as a Guide.
Some people who join my tour are surprised when they see my old photo (Compared to what I look like now). So in that case
I say I am John's papa (haha!)

-Are your customers mainly Japanese?

Yes. Almost all Japanese. Sometimes Chinese or Korean or Aussie friends of Japanese join my tour. If necessary of course I can also guide in English. Additionally this year and also last year I helped Japanese TV Program 'World Mysterious Discovery' film crew when they came to Melbourne.

-What sort of tour is popular?

Phillip Island Penguin Tour is popular and also Great Ocean Rd Tour has become popular.
If you like wine I recommend Yarra Valley Winery Tour.

-What is the highligh of your tour?

Me! The most famous 'Aussie' in Melbourne! Also our tour is in a small group and experienced local Japanese speaking guide is another special feature. Anyway we are trying hard to give guests a satisfying experience. I am also happy to receive many thank you letters from guests.

-How can we book your tour?

Intenet and telephone. Internet is now about 70%. We also receive bookings from travel agents as well.
-By the way, why is your Japanese so fluent?

I was an English teacher for 2 and a half years in Tokyo. After that I worked in Miyazaki Prefecture as an international relations officer. I also received a Diploma of Education from The University of Melbourne as a Japanese teacher.

-Why did you start your own tour in Japanese?

Rather than just guiding in a set package, I wanted to show how I could be flexible to each customer's needs. Also as I am born and brought up in Melbourne I really had strong desire to show places I recommended in my own unique style.

-Finally, please give a message to our readers.

Melbourne is a very charming and attractive place. Please come and enjoy! When you come I am happy to look after and take you around.
At your service! Yoka ! Yoka ! ( Good ! Good!)

-Thank you very much.


Mr John Tours
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