A Zesty Beer Comes to Melbourne!


The launch of Temple Brewery’s new citrus infused beer “Okinawa Sour” was celebrated at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne’s CBD with some Okinawa-style live music, Japanese canapes and of course the beer of the evening, Okinawa Sour. Partnering with a well-known Shikuwasa (or known in English as Citrus Depressa) farming company, they wanted to create a beer that was not too hoppy, with a refreshing edge to it. It was the perfect opportunity to promote Okinawa and create a delicious beer all at once.

DSCN2809  DSCN2812

The press/invite only segment of the event ran from 6-8pm allowing attendees to try out the beer and listen to speeches from those involved in the beer making process. Attendees received an Okinawa Sour bandanna that everyone wore for the occasion.

DSCN2817  DSCN2819

The speeches were short and sweet, but aptly conveyed just how much love and passion went into making this beer and how much everyone involved appreciated all the support they received from those around them. With the whole crowd making a toast to the birth of a new beer, the party resumed and ran long into the night.

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If you’d like to try Okinawa Sour for yourself, it is currently being served on tap at Horse Bazaar, about a ten minute walk from Melbourne Central Station. A few kegs of the beer were bought by bar owners on the night, so make sure you keep a look out for Okinawa Sour!




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