Kirin Megumi Stories Vol.32 PABU Grill and Sake

Recently, there have been some great eateries around that I really want to check out, but none more so than the eateries on Smith Street. Home to great bohemian vibes and a cool new art scene that’s not to be missed.



On this street is “PABU Grill & Sake”, which opened in mid October of 2012. (The name is written “パブ” /“pabu” the Japanese pronunciation of “pub”). If you take a glance at the shop just past the people coming and going, you can see the elaborate interior decoration.



If you glance upwards you can see an old fashioned abacus (that can actually be used!), and visible from a distance is the famous and iconic Japanese wood carved pictures of Katsushika Hokusai. On the interior terrace wall hangs old Japanese movie posters that were presents from friends in celebration of the pub's opening (from a time when the actors from yesteryear were young!). Behind the bar, neatly lined up is a rich abundance of a variety of alcohol. And smack bang in the middle, poised and ready, is Kirin Megumi beer on tap.




The owner, Mr. Khoa, started as the owner of a take out Sushi franchise, where he worked for many years. After that he embarked on his own adventure, breaking from the limitations of a franchise. He spoke of how it was a very risky challenge, and told stories of when he was in his mid 20's about his aspirations as a manager and always looking to the future.



 “Kirin is, of course, a well know brand. Megumi beer has a fresh and clean taste. It's my favourite beer so that's why I chose it for the tap”, he says. “The concept of PABU is a Japanese inspired pub and an Aussie pub. So come check it out.”




Mr Khoa has chosen a menu for us that goes great with Kirin Megumi beer.



Includes 5 mix skewers: Tsukune (chicken balls), Yakitori (chicken thigh), Chilli Inari Kushi,
Gyu Kushi (beef), Buta Kushi (pork belly); Large juicy scallops with bacon and wasabi mayo

There is no resaon not to try this beer!



Fried white bait with spicy mayo

Chilli-mayo goes great with it.


◆ SUSHI SASHIMI SET (small) $36.00


● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


Khoa has made the menu himself. The menu has many options available for vegetarians and gluten-free eaters, all at a reasonable price. “I wanted a pub that was a carefree and fun place to have a beer. It's got that ease and we already have regulars”.



The shop's opening was packed to the rafters and many people could be seen enjoying Kirin Megumi beer. Happy hour is provided, so how about it?  This summer, imagine a beer in one hand and a chicken skewer in the other! The rare pickled squid is also highly recommended.



190 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066
TEL: 03 9419 6141
Mon – Fri 09:00-00:00, Sat – Sun 17:00-00:00



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