Ate肴: Scallops with avocado sauce

Creamy avocado sauce with Japanese mayo
This is an easy typical home cooking recipe. It is a great combination of creamy taste and the sour of lemon.

Ate肴: Scallops with avocado sauce

・3-4 boiled scallops (cut into bite-size pieces)
・1/2 avocado
・2 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise
・1 tbsp squeezed lemon juice
・2 tsp olive oil
・salt and pepper

1. Mash the avocado with the mayonnaise
2. Add other ingredients and dress them



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Our recommendation

We recommend drinking “Kizakura Tokkuri Kinpaku iri” with this appetizer. It has a rich, mellow & dry flavour, and it goes with seafood such as raw or boiled scallops.

There are real gold flakes in a cute Tokkuri shaped bottle. It’s a new style to enjoy sake with the gold flakes. Let’s try with a transparent shot glass!

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Recipe and edited by Sayumi Taniguchi

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