Ate肴: Pipies Steamed in Sake

Asari No Sakamushi
Short-neck Clam steamed in sake(Asari no sakamushi) is one of easy Izakaya menu in Japan. The cooking sake makes it succulent. Here is an easy recipe using pipies instead of short-neck clam.

Ate肴: Pipies steamed in sake

・10-15 Pipies, rinsed in salt water for half day and wash well
 (you can buy in markets)
・100ml Cooking Sake
・1/2 Tsp Dashi powder
・some spring onion

1. In a pan with a lid, steam the pipies in the cooking Sake with the dashi powder on a high heat until open the pipies. 

2. Add some spring onion and serve.

Pipies with SOBA is also good. *added cold soba and some grated ginger

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Our Recommendation
We recommend sparkling sake, Aai with this dish. The taste is lighter than typical sake, and good as an aperitif.


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Recipe and edited by Sayumi Taniguchi

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