【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 The truly delicious vinegar from Marusho Vinegar Brewery

The vinegar which it is succeeded from generation to generation from the establishment of a business in 1879, and is particular about ancient brewing method is the vinegar by Marusho Vinegar Brewery. While it is pushed a wave of the modernization including the method to change into acid by alcohol within 24 hours, with the wooden barrel from the establishment of the business those days on, the vinegar is still made and more than approximately 150 days consistently now.

They are particular about high quality soft water and malted rice of Nachi Katsuura, Wakayama prefecture, and promote fermentation only in light coming through the window without using electricity because bacteria have a property in disfavour with light. When it is matured and manufactured, it is needed considerable adroitness in the decision and judgement from only vinegar fragrance.

Because the traditional method has very difficult temperature and humidity adjustment, long time perception is relied on. However, the taste of umami ingredients of the amino acid increases, and vinegar becomes mellow, sweetness, and full-bodied tender. Because mass production is not possible, the price does not possibly meet the major maker. However, the quality with the thorough handicraft, confidence and the pride of the craftsmen appear in vinegar.


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We have three kinds of seasoning vinegar from Marusho Brewery on Ichiba Junction. They are all no preservative used. The rice of ingredients is used the low chemical cultivation.


Marusho Sushi Su (Sushi Vinegar) 700ml

Making use of the skillful of the compounding of pure rice vinegar, kombu kelp, sweet half sake, natural dashi stock, and the vinegar is reproduced Japanese ancient sushi taste; is slightly sweet. It is available in not only the sushi but also vinegared food.


Marusho Sanbaizu Vinegar 700ml

Fresh bonito dashi stock as a base, and it is kept taste of nature alive with pure rice vinegar, soy sauce, sweet half sake, mirin sweet sake, kombu kelp most deliciously. Tempura, fried food, roasted meat, lightly roasted bonito and salad. It is recommended to pour the slice of a tomato and an onion over, then eat after cooling it with a refrigerator.


 Ichiba Junction staff Y tried!

This sanbai vinegar is really delicious! Just drizzling it over chopped cucumber and seaweed soaked in water will finish in refined vinegared food. It is not acrid-smelling at all, and the taste of dashi soup stock works well, too and is enchanted by a fragrance of the dashi soup, besides.  So I even drunk up the vinegar after eating. There is value more than a price. I highly recommend it.



Marusho Tezukuri-Tsuyu (Handmade Seasoning Soy Sauce) 700ml

Fully used bonito, shiitake mushrooms and konbu kelp dashi stock, and to bring home-made taste; handicraft soup of the limited small quantity production. Please just use it without diluting. It is available to use for not only the soup of udon, soba or somen noodles but also dipping sauce of tempura, natto, and simmered food.


 Ichiba Junction staff Y tried!

Very satisfied with Kansai style light taste. Used as dipping sauce of soba noodle, but the fregrance of kombu kelp and shiitake mushtooms are pleased and appetizing which means good in summer. In addition, it works well when it is used as seasoning to Japanese simmered food, you would become a good Japanese food chef! It should be very convenient if you have one at home. I think I may buy another bottle for this taste.


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Vinegar has the health benefit such as relieving fatigue, appetite increase, prevention of aging, and obese prevention; and has been useful as folk medicine not only as a seasoning from old days.

Please give a taste of the extremity of the craftsmen.


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