【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Juicy and Piping Hot! Chicken in Soy Sauce Marinate

'What would be great for dinner tonight?' I hear you ask.

I've had some request sent in from my family, so I'd like to introduce to you this very popular chicken marinate.


Just three ingredients are needed to make this dish.

Chicken, Gluten-free Organic soy sauce and a small amount of mayonnaise. 

Tamari gluten free and organic soy sauce was founded by SAN-J under the Yamasa company in 1804. Usually soy sauce is made from a 50/50 blend of soy beans and wheat, but Tamari Soy sauce uses only organic soy beans.


Begin by cutting the chicken into small bite size pieces. Then to make your marinate a little innovative you can add mayonnaise to the soy sauce. This will produce a golden sauce that has a rich and full bodied flavour. Combine with the chicken and leave in liquid to marinate. 


Heat up the fry pan and let's cook the chicken! It only takes about 5 minutes to cook. The tempting aroma of tasty chicken will fill the room.


The chicken has fully absorbed all the elaborate flavour of the Gluten-free, organic soy sauce. 

The flavour is perfectly soaked in and the chicken is pipping hot and juicy! Goes great with bread as well as rice.


Served with fried food, marinated food, soup, salad; no doubt that you can cook it up. It's really easy to cook with Tamari soy sauce.

Stay tuned to check out our next recipe!!



by Kurilui


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