Kirin Megumi Stories Vol.31 Guhng – Korean Charcoal BBQ

12 Dec 2020



Full of chic cafés in the day, bustling with the newest bars and clubs in the night. This is just one of the many charms of what Melbourne’s secret alleyways have to offer. Located across Hardware Lane with a pathway lined with red bricks, McKillop Street offers the perfect place to stroll around during a sunny day with its glamorous colours and beautiful historic buildings.



Guhng.’, meaning ‘Palace’ in Korean, is a Korean charcoal grill BBQ restaurant built in a centric old building. The antique building was transformed into a gorgeous palace just over two years ago in the hands of a young Korean interior designer. Manager, Jin Lee describes the restaurant “as a warm and comfy oriental piece” after its renewal.



The restaurant built over four levels has always been fully booked out during the weekends. What secret lies behind Guhng’s doors?



Most likely the principle Director Kim and his staff follow to treat the customer as their "home guests". “When customers enter, we treat it as if an important guest has come into our home. We serve them with the best we’ve got and try our best to make them feel at home and enjoy their stay. The guests of Guhng are our special guests.”

Jin Lee describes Chef Su-Young Im as a person who is “very serious about his job and a great chef as he ensures all his kitchen staff enjoy their work.”


It’s all about the people in this industry. That includes the customers, the wait staff and the kitchen staff. I’d like to make Guhng into one of the best restaurant in Melbourne and make everyone happy.”


Let’s take a look at the fine Korean dishes Jin Lee and the Chef serve from the bottom of their hearts.


Bulgolgi Bibimbap


One of the most requested items off the menu is of course, the famous Bulgogi Bimbap.

Traditionally prepared using off-cuts of meat, Guhng only uses the finest quality meat in theirs.


Chef Su-Young only serves the best, every time.


A twist to this Korean classic is the addition of plum juice alongside the gochujang (spicy Korean red pepper paste). The added ingredient lends a touch a natural sweetness to the spiciness.


If you want a spicier kick to the meal, all you have to do is mix in a generous serve of gochujang and give it a grill by pressing it to the sides of the heated stone vessel.


A spicy mouthful complements perfectly with a chilled glass of Megumi beer.


Smoked Salmon Prawn Salad

Next up is a colourful salad with a refreshing tang. The simple concoction of balsamic vinegar, lemon and plum juice creates a perfect harmony when combined with seafood and greens. The flavour explosion syncs in with Megumi superbly.


Wagyu Cube Roll Fillet (m.s.7+), Oyster Blade (m.s.9+)
& Seafood BBQ Set


Rarely found in Korean BBQ restaurants, Guhng stocks the elusive wagyu beef. With its flavor enhanced by a simple marinade of sesame oil and salt, it is no surprise that this beautiful cut of Queensland wagyu is the most popular item off the charcoal grill menu.


You may reign over your grill stove but, why not let the professionals do their thing? When grilled to perfection, this juicy cut is sweet and will melt in your tongue.



The seafood BBQ set includes king prawns, oysters and scallops. You’ll be salivating just by having the plump seafood before your eyes.


Enjoy the aroma of the seafood being grilled along with the sizzling beef on the plate. You’ll find yourself in a daze with Megumi.



Guhng determines to make their desserts from scratch and gives their best to finish the meal with delicate art-like desserts.


Jin Lee proudly introduces their restaurant as the first Korean restaurant to have their own pastry chef on the team.


Dessert is the last dish presented to our guest just before they leave. It’s the deciding factor of our guest’s impression of us. That’s why we have to perfect it.”



Starting from the top, ‘Tipsy’ (Grand Marnier granita with a Kahlua pavlova), ‘Cinnamon Crepe’ (Korean cinnamon tea and pear compote wrapped in a crepe), and ‘Lemon Solbet’ (Lemon sorbet, black berries and wine jelly).


Dinner at Guhng is never complete without one of these beauties.



The restaurant is stocked with all sorts of beer importe from korea and other parts of asia. but after trying his first swig megumi, the dry japanese beer recommended by friend toshi (owner of maedaya) maneger jin lee exclaims “This is good! You just have to try this! I sincerely want to share the wonder of this beer to all the customers of Guhng.”


The golden Megumi beer is only the tip of the iceberg of this Korean restaurant with its hospitality known to be fit for a king.



Story: Noriko Tabei
Translation: Yin Ki Kyra LEUNG



Guhng The Palace Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

19 McKillop St Melbourne, VIC 3000

TEL: 03 9041 2192
Email: [email protected]

Opening hours:Lunch 12-3pm, Dinner 6-8pm (1st session), 8:15-11pm (2nd)

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