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13 Dec 2020


Yamaha’s latest electronic range delivers new high quality sound, function and performance. The long and reputable history of the company is distinctive, well known and highly recognised.

The new range includes the PRO series headphones, the PDX-B11 portable Bluetooth speaker and the MCR-B142 Bluetooth, micro system.

Comprising of the PRO 300, PRO 400, and PRO 500 models, the series delivers not only in sound quality, but also in comfort. The funky design is a throwback to the 80’s and 90’s music era. The over-ear adjustable design provides complete sound isolation, and the dual input and output detachable cable allows you to connect flexibly. The PRO 300 is available in three colours, and the 400 and 500 is offered in two colours. Packaged in a practical, easy-to-carry case, so that you can take them anywhere!



The portable Bluetooth speaker is really cool. It has wireless Bluetooth connectivity and is also available in four colours. It preserves around five to six hours of battery stock, and also plugs in to an AC power socket. It is ideal for that hot summer barbeque. You can just connect and enjoy all afternoon long. Its lightweight and easy-to-carry portable functionality makes it perfect for life on the go. The speaker system has such a clear and vast sound performance, that it’ll make you feel like there is a concert happening right in front of you.




The MCR-B142 microsystem is available in 10 vibrant and fresh colours. The sound quality is like no other. You will feel like you are listening to a CD when you hook-up to its Bluetooth connection. This version comes with digital clock radio, alarm system, CD player and a USB port. You can also connect the micro system up to your PC through the AUX input. With its funky and retro style, it’ll be the envy of all your friends.



Yamaha’s focus on delivering a high quality product is well achieved. The efficiency and design in their latest range of superior technology, is engineered with advanced excellence.


If you are looking to get a Christmas present that is sure to impress, look no further. These products are sure to stand out on the shelf, so hurry and get yours now!

Available at all good AV retailers.


Text: Jodie Kako
Photos: Masatoshi Sato
Model: Milagros Kuga

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