【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 What’s Katsuo Bushi?

KATSUO BUSHI is preserved food prepared the bonito into as raw materials. The origin is considered to be a Maldivian area, and it seems to be only Japan and Maldives that bonito flakes established as a dietary. Bonito flake is called "Maldivian fish" in Maldives.

There was the dry thing of the bonito in Japan in the Kamakura era (1185-1333), but Katsuo Bushi was not yet known. It is said that it is about the end of Muromachi era (1333-1573) that it appeared for the first time. Dried bonito and the manufacturing process that originated in Maldives seemed to be transmitted to Japan through Ryukyu (Okinawa) from China and Southeast Asia.

The Katsuo Bushi is got close to as one of the foods which current Japanese food culture must have. It is useful as seasoning of the Japanese food dish and has abundant nourishment ingredients, too.


■ Kind of Katsuo Bushi

Distinction of how to cut a bonito

Hon Bushi
– Top Quality Katsuo Bushi

Made from more than 3kg bonito.
Taken four fillets out of one bonito.

– Dried dorsal meat of a bonito

Two dried bonito of the back side meat in Hon Bushi.

– Dried abdomen meat of a bonito

Two dried bonito of the abdomen meat in Hon Bushi.


Distinction of the process

 Namari Bushi  Katsuo Bushi which is boiled and then dried.
 Are Bushi  Smoked Namari Bushi
 Kare Bushi  The things which let it mature while smoked Namari Bushi,
 taken out the moisture more, and put mould on the surface.
 Things called "Katsuo Bushi" usually mean Kare Bushi.


■ Nourishment and health benefit

 Inosinic Acid  Umami ingredient of Katsuo Bushi. Cell Activation,
 Body Metabolism Promotion, Anti-aging
 Peptide  Recovery from Fatigue, Concentration up, Hypertensive Prevention,
 Heart Trouble Prevention, Stroke Prevention
 Potassium  Discharge Promotion of Sodium from body
 Vitamin D
 Vitamin D acts on calcium and is effective in the formation of bone.
 (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
 Growth effect of the intelligence, memory upbringing
 Histidine  Fat Combustion Promotion


■ Recipes

 Tosa Soy Sauce

Fully extract umami ingredient! This soy sauce is good to grilled vegetables. When use it as sashimi soy sauce, enjoy in unusual taste. It is take effort and time to make the soy sauce, but can preserve it with a refrigerator for approximately one year.


[ Ingredients ]

• 1½ cup Soy Sauce (dark)
• ½ Cup Cooking Sake
• ¼ Cup Mirin Cooking Sweet Sake
• ¼ Cup Tamari Soy Sauce
• Approximately 15cm Dried Kelp
• About 30g(1oz) Katsuo Bushi


[ Methods ]

1) Put all ingredients in a pot and cook on low heat.
    Put Katsuo Bushi into a pot and let Katsuo bushi sink naturally.

2) Turn off the heat as soon as it boiled, leave it until room temperature,
     and then cool it in a refrigerator for approximately one hour.

3) Remove Kelp from the broth (leave Katsuo Bushi in a pot),
    put it in a refrigerator and save it for approximately one week.

4) Empty the broth that one week passed into the strainer covered with a dishcloth;
    squeeze a broth from Katsuo Bushi*.

5) Preserve Tosa Soy Sauce in a refrigerator.

* The squeezed Katsuo Bushi can be used as rice seasoning by being dried out.

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Give a try to Katsuo Bushi!



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