Japanese programs at Melbourne International Animation Festival 17-24 June


Stand-by animation fans! MIAF2012 is coming together – FAST!

A couple of thousand competition entries are being processed and watched ONE AT A TIME, great Australian animation has been posted in, passed along or dropped off, special programs are gradually emerging from vaults and collections the world over. Emails are flying, pleas are being pleaded, deals being cut – we’re pulling out all of the stops and pushing in all of the starts to make this the best MIAF ever.

Here’s just a sample of the animated delights that will hit the screens at ACMI from Sunday 17 June to Sunday 24 June.


New Japanese Animation At A Glance (unclassified 15+)
The Melbourne International Animation Festival is very excited to announce two special programs that open a window
at least a little – on what’s going on in the young, contemporary Japanese animation scene. And it’s not Anime!


Uncapturable Ideas’ | Masaki Okuda
#1 – Tokyo University of the Arts: Thu 21 June, 5.00pm cinema 2 (unclassified 15+)
The arrival of legendary Japanese animator Koji Yamamura (“Mt Head”, “Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor”, “Muybridge’s Strings” to name but a few) dramatically and quickly re-energised the Tokyo University of the Arts animation course into a creative powerhouse of the Japanese animation scene and the world is beginning to sit up and take notice of its graduates. This collection looks at some of their more recent graduate works and shows what a unique torrent of animation has been untapped there.


The Tender March / Yasashii March  by Wataru Uekusa
Japan, 4’48, 2011
A visual roller-coaster ride right out of a Japanese, pop culture-infused graphic novel – but with lots more screens.


Island Of Man / Hito No Shima by Alimo
Japan, 6’32, 2011
A quiet carpet of Zen imagery and narrative. On an island that could be anywhere, a pair of boots lay cast away.
For full programme, please visit: http://www.miaf.net/2012/jap1.html


‘The Mechanism Of Spring’ | Atsushi Wada
#2 – The CALF Collective: Sun 24 June, 4.00pm cinema 2 (unclassified 15+)
The Calf Collective is a small group of young Japanese indie animators that decided to pool resources and take their work to the world under a single banner. It’s worked extremely well with CALF screenings of one kind or another in a vast array of festivals around the world in the last 18 months. And now it’s our turn to check out this group of Japanese indie animation trendsetters.


Beluga by Shin Hashimoto
Japan, 6’10, 2011
A magnificently macabre, deliciously dark vision of the inner demons that race around the mind of a little match-seller condemned to the cold and dark.

Modern No.2 by Mirai Mizue
Japan, 4’14, 2011
An elegant, almost art-decoish piece of rolling geometrical imagery from the master of the form.
For full programme, please visit: http://www.miaf.net/2012/jap2.html


  And of course there are a LOT more programs to enjoy over the 8 day festival! 

Full $15.00, Concession $12.00 (per session)
Tickets can be purchased from ACMI Tickets & Information or online.

Full Festival Pass: Full $90, Concession $80
Mini Pass (6 sessions): Full $54, Concession $48

Festival Passes can only be purchased at ACMI Tickets & Information. They cannot be purchased online.

In person: Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne (enter via Federation Square)
Phone: 03 8663 2583, 10am-6pm daily
Purchase online: www.acmi.net.au/tickets

Admission is restricted to persons 15+ years of age.
ACMI Cinemas
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