WOW It Works! – Relaxing Clayton Massage is Now Open!!

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A massage store that gives off an “at home” feeling is found in the student town right in front of Clayton train station, amongst a variety of restaurants on Clayton Road.
Clayton Massage” is now open.

The therapy room is located inside the Korean hair salon, Romeo Hair and Beauty. Let’s go in and take a look.

Customers first undergo counseling with the owner and therapist, Tomoko Fujita. Personal information is recorded onto the customer card while customers convey to the therapist the areas that they feel unwell and would like more focus on. .

Don’t forget about the monthly Special Discounts Campaign.
The discounts campaign being run in August is for first time customers only where they get to experience 12 minutes of massage at any body area of their choice for only $2!

Oil Massage is recommended for those who really need to relax and loosen themselves. You can of course choose to extend the massage when the 12 minutes is up. This is definitely a great opportunity for those who are thinking of having a relaxing massage in the cold winter days.

I tried the oil massage for shoulder and neck. It was so comfortable that I sighed “Wow, it really works!”

As Tomoko massaged my neck joints with her superb skills, I could hear cracking sound which showed how tense my neck was. I feel refreshed and that my shoulder is no longer tense after getting rid of all the wastes that were piled up inside my body.

I then continued with a foot massage. You can understand which part of your body is ill by comparing with the foot illustration that reflects each body area.
My feet felt much warmer after the massage and my legs felt lighter.

“I used to work at the army city, Townsville, in Queensland. People in the army are really fit and have tight muscles so I have become more skilled in applying pressure during a massage. I have always been interested in the structure of the human body, and enjoy being massaged, too. Clayton Massage was opened because I want customers to be able to receive massage service in a relaxed atmosphere. Many of our customers have problems with their shoulders or lower back. I hope Clayton Massage will become a place where customers get to relax both physically and mentally through the thorough massage service and conversations with me,” said Tomoko.

Customers may also bring their children here since all the treatment rooms are completely private.

How about taking some time off on your way to the hair salon or grocery shopping to lighten up your mind and body?


☆November Big Campaign!*☆

The ever popular full body oil massage is back this November! Only $55 for 1 hour!
In addition from November the 1st until December the 15th, we’ll be offering even more specials!
Have two massages during our campaign period and get the third one free!

E.g. 1st massage – $65 for 60 minutes
2nd massage – $65 for 60 minutes
3rd massage – $0 for 60 minutes (save $65!)
1st massage – $35 for 30 minutes
2nd massage – $65 for 60 minutes
3rd massage – $0 for 45 minutes (save $50!)

1st massage – $35 for 30 minutes
2nd massage – $45 for 40 minutes
3rd massage – $0 for 35 minutes (save $40!)

*The time for the free massage is the average time of the first and second massage
These deals are just an early Christmas present from us at Clayton Massage!


~Use this opportunity during the cold winter days to get rid of the wastes in your body!~

Clayton Massage
Address: 321 Clayton Road, Clayton VIC 3168
(In Romeo Hair and Beauty)
TEL: 0434-001-457 / 03-9543-7755
Monday to Saturday: 10am-5pm (Appointments only from 5pm onwards)
Sunday / Public Holiday:Closed

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