A friend of mine recommended this gluten free, organic soy sauce, describing it as "so good that you simply can't resist!"

Despite its 'irresistible' taste, it is called Tamari Soy Sauce, which sounds like 'to resist' in Japanese. Mmm, I guess life is full of strange deep meanings?

This Tamari soy sauce is made of 100% organic soy beans only whereas your usual soy sauce is made of 50% soy bean and 50% wheat.

And so I quickly opened the 296ml bottle.

As one would have expected from a Yamasa Corporation (1804 years of establishment) affiliated company, San-J provides something that has condensed all of the soy sauce's fragrance together. The smell will make you feel like you are at a soy sauce rice cracker manufacturing site. The shades of orange and purple mixed together give the soy sauce a deep brown looking colour.

Now let's start making the Chawanmushi!

Mix in a large bowl 2 eggs and 1 cup of water. Then add in the Tamari soy sauce. Be experimental and play around with the 'soy sauce art'. Don't throw away the egg shells. Break them into tiny pieces and put them on your face, and experience some beauty treatment while you are at it.

Add in some chicken stock for Western style or fish stock for Japanese style to the bowl. Microwave the mixture for about 4 minutes. The exact amount of flavouring to add in and microwave time depend on your own tastes. An extravagant tasting chawanmushi is then created!

On the soy sauce bottle were the code like words " NO MSG ・NO GMO", which means that no monosodium glutamate(a common food additive) nor genetically modified organisms was used. The organic, gluten-free Tamari soy sauce is of admirable quality as it contains only items that are valuable to our bodies and none other.

It definitely helps to work wonders with stir fry, marinating, soup and salads, etc. Please look forward to our next recipe of easy cooking with Tamari soy sauce!!


by Kurilui

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SHOW YOU!! San-J Soy Sauce sends the charm of the San-J tamari soy sauce series.



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