【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Enjoy a moment of bliss with Japanese rice

Rice from Japan which came out newly in Ichiba Junction, the name is the series of KOME OH.

KOME OH is made of premium rice that is cherished in Japan. Kome Oh rice has been selectively graded only from the most renowned regions in Japan in an effort to introduce premium Japanese rice to the world.


■Kome Oh KOSHIHIKARI Rice 2kg $15.10$15.10$15.10

The difference can be observed right after cooking; a slightly sweet aroma and shine to each kernel with a perfect balance of texture.


Niigata prefecture is ideally bordered by the Sea of Japan on the west and the Echigo mountains on the east, making it the Bordeaux region of Japanese rice.



■Kome Oh AKITAKOMACHI rice 2kg $14.25

This rice has exceptional transparency, sheen and aroma qualities with a slightly sticky but al dente texture that can be enjoyed even cold.


Akita purefecture is located in the north west region of Japan, high along the Ohu mountain range that is famed for its premium rice cultivation.


Please give a try and have a great taste of the rice.



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