EastWest College of Natural Therapies

EastWest College of Natural Therapies founded in 1978 is the one of the oldest school in Australia, instructing in shiatsu and massage therapies.


Classes are designed for small group starting in the evening which are based on the principles of a learning environment where students can maximise their time. In fact, there are many students working, but also studying at this school. For those students, part-time courses are available, which are nationally accredited and there are 2 or 3 lessons scheduled per week for 2 years. After completion of these courses, students will be given a certificate as well as job opportunities in a variety of fields related to their subjects.


EastWest College is proud of its teaching standards. Students are able to obtain practical techniques under well-experienced and qualified teachers.

With an opportunity to join the Open Day in 2009, participants received free massage therapies such as shiatsu and reflexology by teachers and current students. These free massage therapies demonstrations were very popular among participants including neighbours of the school and reservations surged.


We experienced the massage therapy given by one student. Sensitive touches relieved muscle tension and we did not have any pain the day after (pain could sometimes appear if a massage was too strong). After 15 minutes of massage therapy, we felt our hands were warmer as a result of blood circulation improvement. The massage therapy was delivered in a comforting environment filled with an aromatic scent promoted luxury relaxation. Gentle and proper pressure reaching a deeper layer led us to a good feeling and we almost fell asleep…


In the workshop, we took massage therapy and shiatsu classes including theory which we also enjoyed learning. Massage therapies using aroma oils are basically conducted with both hands which enable practitioners to concentrate on their work as well as to apply pressure properly. It also helps them keep a balance to avoid any damage to themselves during their work.

Shiatsu massage teacher, Mr. Glenn Polly taught us what is important in shiatsu and massages therapies, "Respect patients, talk to their body and enjoy therapy itself."
While a therapy is being performed, he focuses his concentration towards the centre of his body and performs treatments using only his weight balance. We were quite surprised to see him manipulating a patient’s body moving as if it was magnetised and wiggling like mollusc through various massaging strokes.


Each individual human body has a different structure and also different muscles are used depends on a person's life style. Because of these reasons, textbooks which contain charts of the human body illustrating acupressure points do not sometimes match actual ones.

It could be said that massage therapies are a profound world. How about leaning such a fascinating field at EastWest College which is the leader in massage education throughout Australia. Please visit their website to explore a range of the courses. You can also find the information updated on our "Go Melbourne" website.

Next Open Day will be held on  14th November 2010.
Please join! It is a great opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the school.

Nationally accredited courses
• Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice
• Diploma of Remedial Massage
• Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies
• Diploma of Reflexology


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